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Forest City Velodrome Closes After 18 Years, Leaving Cycling Community Heartbroken

After 18 years of providing a training ground for aspiring and professional cyclists, the Forest City Velodrome (FCV) in London, Ontario, is set to close its doors on Friday. The facility, the first indoor velodrome in Canada and one of only four in the country, has played a pivotal role in nurturing young talent and promoting cycling as a sport. Despite the setback, the cycling community remains determined to keep the velodrome’s spirit alive through the establishment of a new non-profit organaization.

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Forest City Velodrome Closes

The Forest City Velodrome Association’s President, Craig Linton, expressed the deep sorrow felt by the region’s cycling community in response to the closure. The velodrome has been instrumental in fostering the growth and development of cyclists, with many riders starting their journey at the facility and going on to achieve success both nationally and international

An Invaluable Training Ground The Forest City Velodrome has been a crucial training ground for cyclists of all ages and skill levels. From young riders to members of the Kitchener-Waterloo Cycling Association, the velodrome has offered a safe and controlled environment for training sessions. Its closure leaves a void in the area, depriving cyclists of the opportunity for world-class training locally, especially during the winter morning.

A New Chapter Begins

Despite the closure, the Forest City Velodrome community remains determined to carry on the velodrome’s mission. The newly established Blackline Cycling Association aims to meet the growing interest in cycling in the area. They plan to organize mountain bike clinics, group racing, and recreational rides to engage cyclists and continue promoting the sport.

The closure announcement came as a shock to the cycling community, as the FCV board of directors recently learned that the building’s owner would not renew the lease, forcing the velodrome to pursue alternative plans.

Keeping the Velodrome’s Values

Alive The Blackline Cycling Association intends to keep the core values of the velodrome alive by creating new avenues for cycling enthusiasts. Alongside mountain bike programming, they will actively seek corporate sponsorships and municipal partnerships to support the construction of a new velodrome in the future. Their goal is to ensure that the region continues to have a dedicated space for cyclists to train and flourish.

A Glimmer of Hope for the Future

While the closure of the Forest City Velodrome is undeniably a loss, Craig Linton and the Blackline Cycling Association remain optimistic. They envision a new indoor track being constructed in the next three to five years, providing a renewed opportunity for cyclists in the Forest City area. The dedication of volunteers and members who have supported the velodrome over the years is recognized and appreciated.

Reflecting on an Incredible Journey

As the Forest City Velodrome bids farewell, it leaves behind a legacy of nurturing talent, promoting cycling, and fostering a strong cycling community. The countless volunteers and members who have contributed to its success are acknowledged for their invaluable efforts.

The Forest City Velodrome’s closure has left the cycling community in London, Ontario, heartbroken. The loss of this iconic facility, which has been instrumental in shaping young cyclists and providing a safe training space, is deeply felt. However, the newly formed Blackline Cycling Association is committed to carrying on the velodrome’s.


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