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Former Co-Star Disturbing Act Kapil Sharma Tirthanand Rao Attempts Suicide on Facebook Live

In a shocking turn of events, comedian Tirthanand Rao, known for his role on “The Kapil Sharma Show,” made a distressing attempt to end his life on a Facebook live video. The incident unfolded as Rao consumed a poisonous substance, attributing his extreme step to alleged blackmail and emotional manipulation by his live-in partner. The video, since deleted, sent shockwaves through social media, prompting immediate action from his friends and colleagues. This article delves into the details of the incident, shedding light on the circumstances leading up to the event and the broader implications it raises.

The kapil sharma show's tirthanand rao attempts suicide on facebook live,  blames woman of duping him - india today
Image Source- India Today

Tirthanand Rao Attempts Suicide on Facebook Live

During the Facebook live video, Tirthanand Rao openly accused his live-in partner of engaging in blackmail and extortion. The emotional turmoil he experienced due to this alleged manipulation seemed to have pushed him to the brink of desperation. As viewers watched in disbelief, Rao consumed a liquid from an insect repellant bottle, all while expressing his belief that the woman should be held responsible if anything were to happen to him.

Immediate Response and Hospitalization

Rao’s friends and colleagues, upon discovering the distressing video, swiftly rushed to his residence. To their dismay, they found him unconscious and immediately sought medical assistance. He was promptly taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors initiated treatment for his condition. As of now, his condition is reported to be stable, offering a glimmer of hope amidst this distressing incident.

Unveiling the Allegations

According to Free press journal, In the deleted video, Tirthanand Rao revealed that he had been in a live-in relationship with the woman in question since October. He alleged that she had filed a police complaint against him without providing a clear reason for her actions. Rao expressed his belief that the woman was attempting to extort money from him, leading to a significant debt burden of approximately Rs 3-4 lakh.

Previous Struggles and Financial Hardships

This unfortunate incident was not the first time Rao found himself in a state of despair. Back in December 2021, he had also attempted suicide, underscoring the hardships he had faced in his career and personal life. Rao openly discussed his financial struggles, mentioning the absence of savings and unpaid dues from web series he had worked on. He shared the challenges of going to bed on an empty stomach and surviving on meager meals during trying times.

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