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Jack Lee Passes Away at 71 The Influential Musician and Songwriter for The Nerves and Blondie

Renowned musician and songwriter Jack Lee, known for his contributions to the influential Los Angeles band The Nerves in the 1970s, has sadly passed away at the age of 71. After a long battle with colon cancer, Lee breathed his last on May 26 in Santa Monica, California. His musical legacy includes the timeless hit song “Hanging on the Telephone,” famously covered by Blondie, and his songwriting prowess extended to Paul Young’s chart-topping track “Come Back And Stay.

Jack lee
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The Nerves And Their Impact

Jack Lee played a pivotal role in The Nerves, a band that emerged during the power pop movement of the 1970s. Originally formed in San Francisco, the group later relocated to Los Angeles in 1977 to capitalize on the city’s vibrant music scene.

Alongside Lee, The Nerves consisted of Peter Case on bass and Paul Collins on drums. The trio’s unique sound and infectious energy quickly gained recognition, contributing to their lasting influence on the music industry.

The Nerves released their self-titled EP in 1976 under the Bomp! Records label. Despite having a short discography, their music left a lasting impression, with Jack Lee’s songwriting skills shining through.

The EP featured the track “Hanging on the Telephone,” which would later be covered by Blondie and become a significant hit. The song’s catchy hooks and energetic delivery showcased Lee’s ability to craft memorable tunes that resonated with audiences.

Lee’s Solo Career and Contributions to Other Artists

Following the breakup of The Nerves, Jack Lee embarked on a solo career, showcasing his musical talent and distinct songwriting style. Although he did not achieve the same commercial success as his earlier works, Lee continued to captivate audiences with his heartfelt lyrics and melodic compositions.

One of Lee’s notable achievements as a songwriter was penning “Come Back And Stay” for Paul Young. The song became a chart-topping hit for Young and showcased Lee’s versatility as a songwriter, with his ability to craft emotionally resonant tracks that appealed to a wide audience.

Legacy and Influence

Jack Lee’s contributions to the music industry extended beyond his own performances and recordings. His songwriting prowess and the impact of The Nerves continue to inspire musicians and fans alike. The band’s unique blend of power pop, combined with Lee’s infectious melodies and relatable lyrics, left an indelible mark on the music landscape.

As per Deadline ,The enduring popularity of “Hanging on the Telephone” stands as a testament to Lee’s songwriting genius. Blondie’s cover of the track brought it to a broader audience, solidifying its status as a classic in the punk and new wave genres.

Lee’s ability to capture universal emotions in his songs resonated with listeners, ensuring that his music will be cherished for generations to come.

Memorial and Survivors

A memorial event is planned to honor Jack Lee’s life and musical contributions. The gathering will take place at the Echoplex nightclub in Echo Park, with the date to be announced soon. Survivors include Lee’s children Wallie Autry, Grace Lee, Mary Lee, and Cynthia Jacqueline Lee Cook, along with grandchildren Jack Autry,

Brenlee Autry, Adam Mejia, Alana Joy Nichols, Jackson Cook, and Hudson Cook. Lee is also survived by his half-siblings Robert Emiel Lee, Virginia E. Lee, and Katherine Lee, as well as his wife, Mieke Sofia Lee.


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