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Legendary $ex Educator Sue Johanson Passes Away at 93 Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Sue Johanson, a renowned Canadian $ex educator, has passed away at the age of 93. Johanson dedicated her life to providing candid and informative advice on $ex to audiences in Canada and the United States for several decades. Her program, the Sunday Night $ex Show, gained popularity in her home country and led to her hosting a successful spinoff in the United States. Johanson’s commitment to filling gaps in $ex education made her a beloved figure in North America. Her recent passing has left a void in the field of $ex education, but her legacy and impact will be remembered for years to come.

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Sue Johanson Died

Sue Johanson, a registered nurse, began her journey in $ex education when she opened one of Toronto’s first birth control clinics in 1970 at her daughter’s high school, Don Mills Collegiate Institute. Over the next two decades, she successfully ran the clinic, discovering her passion for teaching $ex education in the process.

In 1984, Johanson gained further recognition when she secured a spot on Toronto rock station Q107, hosting a weekly two-hour call-in show. Her expertise and open-minded approach to discussing sensitive topics made her a popular radio personality. With her increasing influence, she transitioned to television and launched the Sunday Night $ex Show in 1996, which aired until 2005. The show’s success led to the creation of the US spinoff, Talk $ex With Sue Johanson, which reached audiences in 23 countries across Europe and Brazil.

Breaking Taboos and Empowering Audiences

According to BBC News, Sue Johanson’s impact as a $ex educator extended far beyond the airwaves. She was celebrated for her inclusive and non-judgmental approach, encouraging individuals to ask any questions they had about $ex, no matter how taboo. Her famous quote, “horny is a beautiful thing,” exemplified her $ex-positive attitude and helped destigmatize discussions surrounding human $exuality.

Johanson’s dedication to improving $ex education was reflected in her three authored books, which covered a wide range of topics and provided valuable insights for readers. Additionally, she actively engaged with teenagers and young adults in Canadian schools, delivering informative talks on $ex education. Her efforts were recognized in 2000 when she was awarded the Order of Canada, one of the country’s highest civilian honors, for her contributions as a strong advocate for $ex education over the last three decades.

A Lasting Legacy

Sue Johanson’s passing has left a profound impact on the $ex education community and the countless individuals she touched throughout her career. Her daughter, Jane Johanson, described her as an amazing and non-judgmental figure who made everyone feel like they had an additional mother or grandmother. Johanson’s legacy will continue to influence and shape the way $ex and $exuality are discussed, challenging conservative viewpoints and breaking down societal taboos.

Lisa Rideout, director of the 2022 documentary $ex With Sue, paid tribute to Johanson, recognizing her as an incredible and unstoppable force who fearlessly shattered taboos. While Canada mourns the loss of a national treasure, Sue Johanson’s teachings and contributions will continue to bring about positive change for generations to come.

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