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Maine Woman Courageously Fights off Bear Chasing Her Dog A Thrilling Encounter

In a remarkable display of bravery, a Maine woman, Lynn Kelly, found herself face-to-face with a black bear in her own backyard. The fearless encounter occurred as the bear pursued Kelly’s dog, prompting her to step in and protect her beloved pet. Despite sustaining a minor injury that required stitches, Kelly’s actions exemplify the lengths people will go to safeguard their furry companions and ensure their own safety. This extraordinary event serves as a reminder of the potential dangers and unexpected encounters that can arise when living in close proximity to wildlife.

Lynn kelly hit the bear in the face and stood her ground after the animal emerged out of the woods near her backyard.
Image Source- New York Post

Maine Woman Courageously Fights off Bear Chasing Her Dog

On a seemingly ordinary day, Lynn Kelly, 64, was engrossed in her gardening when her dog darted into the nearby woods, barking frantically. Seconds later, a black bear emerged from the trees, chasing the dog. Sensing the impending danger, Kelly sprang into action, attempting to frighten off the bear. However, the usually timid creature stood its ground, presenting a daunting sight for Kelly. Undeterred, she mustered her courage, making herself as large and loud as possible in an effort to intimidate the bear.

The Fight for Survival

As the bear continued its approach, undeterred by Kelly’s attempts to scare it away, she made a bold decision. With her heart pounding and adrenaline coursing through her veins, Kelly unleashed a powerful punch directly at the bear’s face. Although this unconventional move is not recommended by wildlife officials, it momentarily stunned the bear. In a desperate attempt to defend herself, Kelly fought off the bear’s advances. During the skirmish, the bear managed to bite her right wrist, causing shallow puncture wounds. However, the bear eventually retreated back into the safety of the woods.

The Aftermath and Unusual Encounter

According to New York Post, Recognizing the severity of her injuries, Kelly quickly sought medical attention. She called for an ambulance and received stitches at a nearby hospital. Reflecting on the intense encounter, Kelly admitted feeling a mixture of fear and awe, remarking that being in such close proximity to a bear was undoubtedly unnerving. Mark Latti, spokesperson for the Maine Warden Service, acknowledged the rarity of the incident, emphasizing that bear bites are uncommon in Maine, despite the state boasting one of the largest black bear populations on the eastern seaboard. The encounter likely arose from Kelly’s confrontation, a situation wildlife officials advise against, as it can further provoke wild animals.

Efforts to Capture the Bear

In response to the incident, officials have taken action to ensure the safety of both humans and wildlife. Traps have been set up in the vicinity in an attempt to capture the bear alive. The intention is to relocate the animal to a safer location, away from human-populated areas. While the bear has not been sighted since the encounter, authorities remain vigilant and continue their efforts to secure its capture.

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