Mekhi Becton vs. Duane Brown in the Battle for Jets’ Left Tackle Spot

The New York Jets find themselves in an intriguing position battle as they navigate the competition between Duane Brown and Mekhi Becton for the coveted left tackle spot. However, the outcome of this battle may not determine the starter at right tackle, as both players have their sights set on playing on the left side of the offensive line.

This situation presents a challenge for the Jets, who must either convince one of the players to switch positions or explore alternative options at right tackle. In this article, we will delve into the complexities of this position battle and the potential implications for the offensive line.

Mekhi becton, duane brown battle for more than just jets lt
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The Competition and Decision-Making Process

Offensive line coach Keith Carter recently expressed his excitement about the competition between Brown, a seasoned 16-year veteran, and Becton, a promising young talent. However, he acknowledged that a decision regarding the left tackle position will eventually need to be made. The Jets are fortunate to have time before making this decision, as both players are recovering from injuries and have not participated in team drills during OTAs.

Brown vs. Becton

One possible concern is that if both Brown and Becton continue to practice at left tackle during training camp and a starter is named, the chemistry of the offensive line could be disrupted if a new right tackle is introduced. This scenario could potentially impact the overall cohesion and effectiveness of the unit. The Jets must carefully consider how to manage this situation to ensure the best outcome for the team.

Exploring Right Tackle Options

According to New York Post, In addition to Brown and Becton, the Jets have other players vying for the right tackle position, including Max Mitchell, Billy Turner, and rookie Carter Warren. The coaching staff will need to assess the performance and compatibility of these players to determine the best combination of linemen for the starting lineup. The ultimate goal is to assemble the most effective and cohesive offensive line unit possible.

Player Perspectives

Becton, who has experienced injury setbacks over the past two seasons, has remained focused and determined to make a comeback. He has showcased his talent and commitment during his limited appearances, and the coaching staff views his potential as significant. Becton’s decision to shed weight during the offseason reflects his dedication to improving his overall physical condition and performance on the field.

Brown, a proven veteran with four Pro Bowl selections to his name, brings a wealth of experience and skill to the table. His presence provides valuable mentorship and guidance for Becton. While both players have their sights set on the left tackle position, the Jets will need to carefully evaluate their individual strengths and the overall impact on the offensive line when making their decision.


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