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PM Modi Extends Birthday Greetings to President Droupadi Murmu on Her 65th Birthday

President Droupadi Murmu, the esteemed 15th President of India, celebrates her 65th birthday today. Born on this day in 1958 in Uparbeda village in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj, President Murmu has dedicated her life to the welfare and progress of the nation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter to convey his heartfelt wishes to President Murmu, describing her as a beacon of wisdom, dignity, and commitment.

President murmu's inspiring journey
Image source : The Hindu

President Murmu’s Inspiring Journey

President Droupadi Murmu’s journey is an inspiring tale of perseverance and dedication. Rising from humble beginnings in the village of Uparbeda, she has charted a remarkable path to becoming the 15th President of India. Her story resonates with millions of Indians who admire her unwavering commitment to the nation’s progress.

Prime Minister Modi’s Birthday Greetings

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who embarked on a 5-day visit to the United States, took a moment to extend his warm wishes to President Droupadi Murmu on her 65th birthday. In a heartfelt tweet, PM Modi acknowledged her significant contributions and expressed his admiration for her efforts to further the nation’s progress.

“Birthday greetings to Rashtrapati Ji. A beacon of wisdom, dignity, and commitment to the welfare of our people, she is admired for her efforts to further the nation’s progress. Her dedication continues to inspire us all. Wishing her good health and a long life,” the prime minister tweeted.

Rath Yatra – A Celebration of Tradition and Devotion

As President Murmu hails from Odisha, the state is currently celebrating Rath Yatra, a festival associated with Lord Jagannath. Prime Minister Modi, understanding the significance of this auspicious occasion, took the opportunity to extend his greetings to the people and express his wishes for their well-being and spiritual enrichment.

“Rath Yatra greetings to everyone. As we celebrate this sacred occasion, may the divine journey of Lord Jagannath fill our lives with health, happiness, and spiritual enrichment,” Modi said in a tweet.

As per NDTV , Rath Yatra is an annual chariot festival that holds immense cultural and religious importance for the people of Odisha. It is a time when devotees gather to witness the grand procession of Lord Jagannath’s chariot, seeking blessings and spiritual rejuvenation.

Inspiring Leadership and Dedication

President Droupadi Murmu’s tenure as the 15th President of India has been marked by her exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a deep commitment to the welfare of the people and the progress of the nation. Her tireless efforts have inspired countless individuals, making her a role model for aspiring leaders.


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