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Stranger Fatally Stabs Family’s 11 Year Old Dog – Beignet

In a shocking and tragic incident, a family’s beloved dog ” Beignet “was brutally stabbed to death in an unprovoked attack while its owner was engaged in a game of pickleball. The heart-wrenching incident took place at a park in Asheville, North Carolina, leaving the family and the community devastated. This heinous act of violence has sparked outrage and raised concerns about safety and the increasing crime rate in the area.

The gruesome attack
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The Gruesome Attack

The unsuspecting victim of this senseless act was an 11 year old dog named Beignet. As her owner, Liesbeth Mackie, enjoyed a game of pickleball, little did she know that tragedy was about to strike. Beignet was securely tied to a long leash, relaxing in a shady spot nearby, when the assailant, identified as James Wesley Henry, approached the defenseless dog with malicious intent.

Witnesses reported that Henry mercilessly grabbed Beignet by the throat and repeatedly slashed her with a knife, causing horrific injuries. The violence inflicted on the innocent animal was so severe that it led to her untimely demise. The Asheville Police, upon arriving at the scene, arrested Henry and charged him with felony cruelty to animals.

Shock and Grief

The loss of Beignet has left the Mackie family shattered. Liesbeth Mackie, Beignet’s owner, expressed her devastation and anguish over the brutal murder of her beloved pet. The incident occurred in broad

daylight at Weaver Park, just a few feet away from fellow pickleball players, highlighting the audacity and ruthlessness of the attacker. Mackie’s grief is compounded by the growing concerns regarding crime and safety in the area.

Addressing Safety Concerns

As the community grapples with the shock of this horrifying event, questions arise about the safety of individuals and their pets in public spaces. The unprovoked nature of the attack and the seemingly

random selection of Beignet as the target leave pet owners anxious and concerned. The incident has drawn attention to the need for increased security measures and vigilance to ensure the safety of all residents and their furry companions.

Seeking Justice and Accountability

As per PKB News , The arrest and charging of James Wesley Henry provide a glimmer of hope in the pursuit of justice for Beignet. The Asheville Police and the legal system are working diligently to hold the perpetrator

accountable for his heinous actions. It is essential that the severity of the crime is reflected in the legal proceedings, reinforcing the value placed on animal welfare and deterring such acts of cruelty in the future.

Community Outcry and Support

The Asheville community has rallied behind the Mackie family, expressing their outrage and offering support during this difficult time. The brutal attack on Beignet has struck a chord with residents,

prompting discussions about the need for a safer environment and increased efforts to combat crime. This collective response showcases the community’s resilience and determination to stand up against acts of violence and protect its inhabitants, both human and animal.

Raising Awareness

The tragic loss of Beignet serves as a stark reminder of the importance of raising awareness about animal welfare and promoting a culture of compassion. By highlighting this incident, communities can unite to advocate for stronger animal protection laws, stricter penalties for offenders, and educational programs

that promote empathy and responsible pet ownership. It is crucial to create an environment where such acts of cruelty are not tolerated and where animals can live free from harm.


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