Toyota First Electric Sports Car to be Launched under GR Badge

Toyota’s racing and customizing arm, Gazoo Racing (GR), has been making waves in the sports car segment with the introduction of various models in recent years. Now, according to Best Car, Japan’s top-selling car magazine, Gazoo Racing plans to debut Toyota’s first fully electric sports car under the GR badge by 2026. This new electric vehicle (EV) is expected to offer impressive performance and utilize Toyota’s e-TNGA platform, similar to the bZ4X electric SUV.

Toyota is testing a new electric gr sports car, chairman reveals
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Specifications and Features

The GR EV sports car is anticipated to be similar in size to the Supra and will boast a solid-state battery pack, providing a powerful 500 horsepower output. It will incorporate a four-wheel drive (4WD) system, with an electric motor attached to each axle. The use of the e-TNGA platform ensures a strong foundation for the EV’s performance and handling characteristics.

Toyota’s EV Strategy

According to Forbes, Toyota has been gradually increasing its focus on electric vehicles. In December of the previous year, the company’s CEO, Akio Toyoda, announced plans to launch around 30 new battery EVs by 2030, encompassing sedans, SUVs, and sports cars. The company also pledged to sell 3.5 million battery EVs worldwide by 2030 and transition Lexus into a fully electric brand by 2035. While Toyota has been a pioneer in hybrid technology, their entry into the EV market has been relatively recent, with the bZ4X being their first fully electric vehicle.

Collaboration with Mazda for an EV Sports Car

In addition to the GR EV sports car, Best Car reports strong speculation about a potential collaboration between Toyota and Mazda for an EV sports car, potentially becoming the next-generation RX-7. Mazda has previously showcased concept cars like the stunning RX-Vision, indicating their interest in further exploring their signature rotary engine technology. The nature of the collaboration, such as the integration of plug-in hybrid or hydrogen-powered systems, is yet to be confirmed. Mazda might also retain the famous “rotary” name for branding purposes, similar to how Porsche used the “Turbo S” name on the all-electric Taycan.

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