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Woman Robbed at Gunpoint Before Receiving Unsettling Invitation on Facebook

A shocking incident took place in Indianapolis, USA, where a woman was allegedly robbed at gunpoint before being asked out by the perpetrator. Amber Beraun, the victim, was walking towards her mailbox when an armed robber approached her, leaving her shaken and questioning her sense of security. The incident took an unexpected turn when the assailant, identified as Damien Boyce, demanded not only money but also requested to connect with the victim on Facebook. This article examines the details of the incident, the victim’s response, and the subsequent arrest of the suspect.

Woman reveals man who robbed her at gunpoint asked her out years later |  the independent | the independent
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Woman Robbed at Gunpoint

Amber Beraun, returning home from work, was walking towards her mailbox when she encountered a man who brandished a gun and demanded entry into her house. Instead of complying, she offered him $100. This act of desperation showcases the victim’s quick thinking and attempt to diffuse the situation. However, Boyce did not leave immediately after obtaining the money. He pointed the gun at her once again and made an unexpected request: to connect with him on Facebook.

The Bizarre Aftermath

Amber Beraun, thinking on her feet, decided to add Boyce on Facebook in hopes that it would lead to his departure. Astonishingly, he left the scene and messaged her on the social media platform, acknowledging her attractiveness and claiming that he would repay her. The victim replied with empathy, displaying a mix of caution and compassion. However, Boyce continued his audacious behavior by inviting her to “come chill.”

Emotional Impact on the Victim

According to NDTV News, Amber Beraun expressed her shock and continued apprehension following the incident. She explained that the encounter had left her shaken and paranoid, particularly when hearing noises at night. The violation of her sense of security in her own home has understandably had a lasting impact on her well-being. Beraun’s account serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers individuals face while going about their daily lives.

Arrest and Additional Charges

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department reported that Damien Boyce was subsequently arrested and charged in a separate armed robbery case. According to reports, Boyce was involved in an incident where he allegedly shot two individuals and assaulted another with a brick. The additional charges against Boyce highlight the seriousness of his criminal activities and the potential danger he poses to the community.

Reflection on Personal Safety

Amber Beraun’s unsettling experience serves as a cautionary tale, reminding everyone of the importance of personal safety and vigilance. While such incidents are rare, it is crucial to remain aware of one’s surroundings and take precautions to minimize risks. The incident also underscores the role of law enforcement in apprehending and prosecuting individuals involved in criminal activities, ultimately ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.


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