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Young Kangaroo Injured in Kansas City Area Interstate Collision

Police in the Kansas City area located the owners of a young kangaroo after they suspect a driver struck the animal on an interstate. The injured kangaroo, initially mistaken for a wallaby, was found hiding in tall grass near Interstate 435 and Kansas Highway 32. The owner explained that the kangaroo, named Star, had jumped out of their car window. Authorities transported the kangaroo to the police station, providing it with a bed for the night. It was later revealed that the kangaroo escaped from a mobile petting zoo, complying with state regulations. While uncommon in the Kansas City area, previous incidents involving roaming exotic animals have occurred.

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Young Kangaroo Injured in Kansas City Area

On Wednesday night, officers from the Bonner Springs and Edwardsville police departments discovered an injured kangaroo in tall grass near Interstate 435 and Kansas Highway 32 in Kansas City, Kansas. Initially believed to be a wallaby, the animal was later confirmed as a young kangaroo when the owner came forward.

Owner’s Account and Capture

According to the owner, named Star, the kangaroo jumped out of the car window. When the authorities arrived, the kangaroo was lying down and not very mobile. The animal had managed to cross over three lanes of traffic to reach the median before being found. The capture process went smoothly, and the officers transported the kangaroo to the police station, providing it with a bed for the night.

Owners Located

According to Fox 4kc News, On Thursday morning, the Edwardsville police announced that they had located the owners of the kangaroo. It was revealed that the kangaroo had escaped from a mobile petting zoo. The petting zoo operates within the regulations set by the state of Missouri, and there were no reported violations.

Uncommon Sight in Kansas City

Kangaroos are native to Australia, making their presence in Kansas City, nearly 10,000 miles away, unusual. However, this incident is not the first time authorities have responded to reports of roaming exotic animals in the area. In 2014, a wallaby escaped from a backyard in Olathe and hopped along a neighborhood street.

In 2021, Bonner Springs officers captured a camel that had escaped from a live nativity scene after wandering loose for several hours. Additionally, in 2011, a wallaby ended up at the Kansas City Zoo after venturing away from its home and onto the property of a Northland retirement center on Thanksgiving.

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