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15 Years Old Teenager’s Close Call With A Shark At New Jersey Shore

In an alarming incident, a 15-year-old surfer in New Jersey became the victim of a shark attack while enjoying the waves near 109th Street in Stone Harbor. Maggie Drozdowski, who was surfing for only the second time, experienced the terrifying sensation of the shark biting her leg. The unexpected attack sent shockwaves through the beach community, raising concerns as Memorial Day Weekend approached.

Teen surfer attacked by shark at new jersey shore
Image Source: NY Post

Teen Surfer Attacked By Shark At New Jersey Shore

Recalling the terrifying moments, Maggie Drozdowski described feeling something around her foot, which pulled her down. Despite her attempts to shake the shark off, it persisted in its grip. Sarah O’Donnell, a friend who was in the water during the attack,

Initially believed that Maggie was drowning but soon realized that she had been bitten. The encounter left both girls shaken and in awe of the rare and unfortunate incident.

Swift Response And Medical Care

Upon the report of the shark attack, emergency services were immediately called to the scene. Maggie Drozdowski was swiftly transported to the hospital for treatment.

Thankfully, her injuries were not severe, and she received six stitches. Maggie credits her wetsuit for providing some protection and preventing a more serious outcome.

Unidentified Perpetrator

The specific size and species of the shark responsible for the attack remain unknown. This incident serves as a reminder of the presence of sharks in New Jersey’s waters and

The need for continued vigilance. While shark attacks are rare, this incident underscores the importance of understanding the potential risks associated with ocean activities.

Reflections And Lessons Learned

Maggie Drozdowski, still in disbelief about her experience, expressed her shock at being involved in such a rare incident. As an avid viewer of movies like “Jaws,” she never anticipated becoming a real-life victim. It is worth noting

That most surfers can spend their entire lives without ever encountering a shark attack, highlighting the exceptional nature of Maggie’s situation. While she may consider herself lucky that her injuries were not more severe, it is important to remember that shark attacks are statistically uncommon.

In the wake of the shark attack, New Jersey officials did not deem it necessary to close the beaches. Authorities recognize that such incidents are relatively rare and that beachgoers should remain cautious but not overly alarmed.

As Memorial Day Weekend approaches, beach safety and awareness remain of paramount importance. Officials advise beachgoers to stay informed about local conditions, adhere to any safety guidelines, and promptly report any sightings or suspicious activities.

While the recent shark attack may cause concern among beachgoers, it is crucial to remember that these incidents are isolated occurrences. By taking necessary precautions and demonstrating responsible behavior, individuals can continue to enjoy the splendor of ocean activities while respecting the natural habitat of marine wildlife.

As the summer season commences, it is essential to prioritize beach safety, educate oneself about the risks, and maintain a resilient attitude. By doing so, beachgoers can ensure their well-being and contribute to the preservation of the harmony between humans and the diverse marine ecosystem.


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