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18 Old British TikToker “Mizzy” in Custody for Violating Court Order with Extreme Pranks

In a case highlighting the legal and ethical boundaries of online pranks, British TikToker Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, popularly known as “Mizzy,” has been taken into custody for allegedly violating a court order that prohibited him from posting videos of people without their consent.

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TikToker “Mizzy” Faces Charges for Violating Court Order

Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, aka “Mizzy,” was charged with three counts of violating a criminal order on Friday, according to London’s Metropolitan Police. O’Garro, 18, has gained notoriety for his extreme pranks, which have included entering a family’s home uninvited and tampering with a train’s controls.

His arrest has sparked a wider conversation about the responsibility of internet creators and the potential consequences of pushing boundaries for online fame. The charges stem from O’Garro’s alleged breach of a court order that prohibited him from posting videos of people without their consent.

He pleaded not guilty during his appearance at Thames Magistrates’ Court on Saturday. The charges against him mark a significant development in the ongoing debate surrounding the limits of online pranks and the responsibility of content creators.

Controversial Pranks Pushing Legal Boundaries

O’Garro is part of a growing trend of internet creators who have amassed large followings through pranks, some of which push legal boundaries and often involve unsuspecting individuals. The allure of viral fame and the desire to capture attention online have led some creators to engage in increasingly outrageous and controversial stunts.

O’Garro’s pranks, which have included stealing an elderly woman’s dog and tampering with train controls, have garnered attention and criticism alike. His actions raise questions about the consequences of pursuing online fame at any cost.

Criminal Behavior Order and Violations

Following a video in which O’Garro entered a family’s home without their consent, a criminal behavior order was issued against him on May 15. The order prohibited O’Garro from posting videos without the consent of those being recorded.

Additionally, he was barred from entering Westfield Stratford City, a shopping center in Stratford, East London. O’Garro admitted to violating a community protection notice in May 2022, leading to the issuance of the criminal behavior order.

Despite the order, prosecutors allege that O’Garro continued to post videos without consent and visited Westfield Stratford City, leading to his subsequent arrest.

Serious Consequences and Public Alarm

The arrest of O’Garro highlights the seriousness with which authorities are addressing the issue of online pranks and their potential impact on individuals and communities. Detective Chief Superintendent James Conway of the Central East Command Unit emphasized the public alarm caused by O’Garro’s videos and the need for a thorough investigation.

He emphasized that the consequences of such pranks should not be underestimated and urged content creators to consider the potential harm they may cause through their actions.

As the case unfolds, it raises important questions about the responsibility and accountability of internet creators. The legal and ethical implications of online pranks continue to be a topic of debate, and cases like O’Garro’s serve as a reminder that the pursuit of online fame should not come at the expense of others’ well-being.

The court proceedings will shed further light on the boundaries of acceptable online behavior and the potential consequences for those who cross the line.


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