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75-Year-Old Rhea Perlman Reveals Why She And Danny DeVito Stayed Married

In a world where relationships often end with bitterness and animosity, some couples manage to defy the norm and find a unique path forward. Rhea Perlman, the beloved actress known for her role in the hit TV show “Cheers,” recently opened up about her ongoing relationship with her ex-husband, Danny DeVito.

Rhea perlman and danny devito's relationship
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Rhea Perlman And Danny DeVito’s Relationship

Despite their split in 2017, Perlman revealed that she and DeVito remain legally married and have managed to maintain a strong friendship and prioritize their family above all else.

A Bond That Transcends Divorce

Perlman, now 75 years old, and DeVito, 78, first crossed paths in 1971 and tied the knot in 1982. The couple experienced their fair share of ups and downs throughout their relationship, including a divorce announcement in 2012.

However, they surprised many by reconciling in 2013, only to face another setback with their separation in 2017. Despite the challenges, Perlman emphasized that they continue to share a special bond and maintain a deep connection.

Remaining Good Friends

During a candid interview on Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ podcast, “Wiser Than Me,” Perlman shared that she and DeVito are still very good friends who see each other frequently.

Their focus remains on their family, which includes their three children: Lucy, Grace, and Jake. Despite the end of their romantic relationship, their commitment to preserving a strong familial unit has remained unwavering.

Challenges And Growth

Perlman acknowledged that the initial breakup was difficult, with various reasons contributing to the decision to separate. However, over time, both she and DeVito were able to develop a profound understanding and cultivate a positive relationship with each other.

Perlman admitted that the journey was not easy but emphasized the importance of time and effort in nurturing their friendship and finding common ground.

Beyond Loneliness

Although Perlman currently lives alone, she candidly admitted to feeling a sense of loneliness. When asked if she would be open to assistance in finding a new romantic partner, Perlman jokingly responded, “No, don’t set me up.

Unless it’s someone really wonderful, rich and famous, gorgeous, and a lot younger than me.” Her playful response hints at her contentment with her current situation and the value she places on her enduring friendship with DeVito.

A Testament To Friendship

Danny DeVito has also spoken about their continued closeness in past interviews, affirming their status as friends who genuinely care for each other’s well-being. Despite their separation, the former couple has frequently collaborated on screen, most notably in the TV show “Taxi”

And the film “Matilda,” where portrayed the roles of a married couple. Their ability to separate their personal lives from their professional ones showcases the strength of their friendship and their dedication to their craft.

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