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Cybersecurity Breach in Nova Scotia As Personal Data Compromised via MoveIt File Transfer System

The Nova Scotia government is launching an investigation into the theft of personal information through a global privacy breach involving a third-party file transfer system used by the province. The extent of the breach and the number of affected individuals are yet to be determined as authorities work to identify the stolen information. In a press conference, Cyber Security and Digital Solutions Minister Colton LeBlanc provided an update on the situation and outlined the steps being taken to address the breach.

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Breach Details and Investigation Initiated:

The Nova Scotia government is actively investigating a privacy breach in which personal information was stolen through the use of MoveIt’s file transfer system. The exact nature and extent of the stolen information are still being determined. Government staff are meticulously reviewing the accessed files to identify the affected individuals and the type of data that may have been compromised.

MoveIt Software Vulnerability and Response:

Progress Software, the parent company of MoveIt, confirmed a vulnerability in its software that could potentially allow unauthorized access to users’ systems and files. The province was notified of this critical vulnerability, prompting them to take the service offline, install a security update, and bring it back online.

However, further investigation revealed the need for additional measures to address the breach effectively. Cybersecurity experts were subsequently called in to assist in the investigation. The breach occurred in software company MoveIt’s products, potentially compromising the data of Nova Scotians.

Impact on Nova Scotians and Notification Process:

While the full impact on Nova Scotians is not yet known, the government is actively working to provide answers and support to those affected. Minister LeBlanc assured the public that a high level of confidence exists regarding the breach of personal information.

Efforts are underway to identify the departments within the government that were using MoveIt and determine if other provinces or territories have been affected as well. Nova Scotia’s information and privacy commissioner, Tricia Ralph, has been informed of the breach, and plans are underway to create a dedicated website offering detailed information to the public.

Direct notifications will also be sent to individuals whose personal information has been compromised. The company is actively working with cybersecurity experts to thoroughly investigate the issue and ensure appropriate response measures are taken as reported by Global News.

Prompt Response and Mitigation Measures:

Progress Software promptly launched an investigation upon discovering the vulnerability and took immediate steps to mitigate the risk. They alerted their customers, including the Nova Scotia government, provided mitigation guidance, and developed a security patch within 48 hours.

Assurances and Commitment to Resolution:

Minister LeBlanc acknowledged the stress and concern faced by Nova Scotians in light of this breach and reassured them of the government’s dedication to resolving the issue swiftly and efficiently. The government is committed to providing regular updates and support throughout the process.

The investigation into the theft of personal information through the MoveIt file transfer system continues in Nova Scotia. As authorities work diligently to assess the scope of the breach and identify affected individuals, steps are being taken to mitigate the risk and address the situation.

The government remains committed to providing transparency, support, and timely updates to impacted individuals while prioritizing the security and privacy of Nova Scotians’ personal data. Efforts are focused on ensuring the security of personal information and preventing further breaches in the future.


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