Fractal Unveils Flyfish A Groundbreaking Generative AI Sales Tool for Consultative Shopping

Fractal, the renowned AI startup, has recently introduced Flyfish, a powerful generative AI platform designed to revolutionize digital sales by offering consultative shopping experiences. Flyfish utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze individual buying patterns, purchase history, and preferences, providing personalized recommendations and intuitive guidance to customers during their online shopping journey. This innovative tool aims to bridge the gap between convenience and personalized assistance, creating a digital sales environment that feels akin to an interaction with a human sales advisor.

Fractal launches flyfish, the generative ai sales platform
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Fractal Unveils Flyfish

Flyfish leverages data-driven insights to understand customer needs instantaneously, enabling seamless digital interactions that cater to individual preferences. By integrating customer data with domain-specific models and Large Language Models (LLMs), the platform humanizes responses and delivers tailored recommendations. The tool can effectively address complex queries and guide buyers towards the most suitable products from the client’s catalog, ensuring a personalized and satisfying shopping experience.

The Vision Behind Flyfish

Shridhar Marri, CEO and Founder of Flyfish, identified the growing demand for consultation in the digital realm. While physical stores offer the presence of knowledgeable staff to assist customers, the online shopping experience often lacks this personalized guidance. Marri, drawing from his extensive background at and Infosys, recognized the need to bridge this gap by providing online users with a consultative approach to shopping. The goal was to recreate the experience of having a knowledgeable salesperson available to assist customers digitally.

Pilots and Impressive Results

According to MSN News, Flyfish has undergone extensive pilot testing across various industries, collaborating with several clients to refine its capabilities. The closed pilots conducted have demonstrated promising outcomes, showcasing a remarkable 35% increase in sales for participating companies. These results underline the effectiveness of Flyfish in enhancing customer engagement, streamlining the buying process, and ultimately driving revenue growth.

Data Privacy and Security Measures

Addressing concerns regarding data privacy, Marri assured that Flyfish places great emphasis on protecting user information. Personalized data collected by brands is accessed by the platform, which leverages encryption to ensure secure data transfer. Importantly, Flyfish does not store any customer data, further safeguarding user privacy.

The Future of Consultative Shopping

Flyfish’s launch marks a significant milestone in the field of AI-driven sales tools. By providing consultative shopping experiences, Flyfish empowers customers to make informed purchasing decisions while enjoying the convenience of online shopping. This innovative tool not only benefits customers but also offers tremendous potential for businesses to enhance customer satisfaction, foster loyalty, and drive revenue growth.

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