Gerrit Cole’s Struggles Against Rafael Devers Continue – Yankees Suffer Loss

Gerrit Cole, the star pitcher for the New York Yankees, has been facing a persistent challenge in his career Red Sox slugger Rafael Devers. Despite being one of the most dominant pitchers in the league, Cole has struggled to find an answer to Devers’ hitting prowess. On a recent encounter between the Yankees and the Red Sox,

Devers added to his impressive record against Cole, hitting his seventh career home run off the Yankees’ ace. Although Cole’s performance was solid overall, the home run proved costly as the Yankees suffered a narrow 3-2 loss to their division rivals.

Gerrit cole gives up another homer to rafael devers in yankees' loss

The Persistent Challenge of Rafael Devers

Throughout his career, Cole has faced numerous formidable opponents, but none have posed a greater threat than Rafael Devers. The power-hitting third baseman has consistently found success against Cole, hitting seven home runs off him to date. This marks the most home runs Cole has allowed to any single batter throughout his 11-year tenure in the majors.

Cole’s Post-Game Reflections

Following the game, Cole was asked about his struggles against Devers. The Yankees’ ace expressed his admiration for Devers’ power and his ability to generate backspin on the ball, resulting in impressive carry and distance. Cole acknowledged that he has tried various pitching strategies against Devers, both by switching up pitches and remaining stubborn with certain approaches, but the Red Sox slugger has consistently found success. Cole recognized Devers’ immense talent, emphasizing that he hasn’t come across any other player quite like him.

Devers’ Dominance Against Yankees Pitching

Devers’ success against the Yankees is not limited to his encounters with Gerrit Cole alone. In recent years, he has established himself as a force to be reckoned with whenever facing Yankees pitching. In the 2021 season alone, Devers hit five home runs and drove in 18 RBIs against the Yankees. In the previous season, he added six more home runs and 13 RBIs to his tally. The extent of Devers’ impact against the Yankees highlights his ability to rise to the occasion and deliver clutch performances when it matters most.

The Search for Solutions

As per New york post , Despite his struggles, Cole remains determined to find a way to neutralize Devers’ threat at the plate. The Yankees’ ace has experimented with different pitch selections, alternating between breaking balls and fastballs, yet Devers continues to find success against him. Cole’s comments after the game reflect the challenge that pitchers face in trying to contain a hitter of Devers’ caliber. The Red Sox’s decision to sign Devers to an 11-year contract extension worth $331 million during the offseason further underlines his value and potential as a long-term offensive weapon.

Impact on the Yankees

The Yankees, as a team, are undoubtedly affected by Devers’ dominance over their pitching staff. In close matchups against division rivals like the Red Sox, every run matters, and allowing multiple home runs to a single player can be a decisive factor. Cole’s performance against Devers, while overall respectable, highlights the need for the Yankees to develop effective strategies to counter Devers’ offensive prowess. A consistent solution to neutralize Devers could significantly impact the outcome of future encounters between the two teams.


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