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Intense Smoke from Canada Wildfires Prompts Millions to Wear Masks

Millions of people in North America are facing poor air quality levels and have been advised to wear N95 masks outdoors due to the severe smoke caused by intense wildfires raging in Canada. The smog, originating from Quebec where 150 fires are burning, is spreading beyond New York to other East Coast areas. With nearly 100 million people experiencing very poor air quality, officials warn that these dangerously smoky conditions are expected to persist into the weekend. This article explores the impact of the wildfires, the health risks associated with the smoke, and the measures being taken to mitigate the situation.

The worsening wildfire season
Image source : Hindustan times

The Worsening Wildfire Season

Canada is witnessing its worst wildfire season on record, with a staggering increase in the number of fires and burned area. Experts attribute this trend to a warmer and drier spring than usual, conditions that are projected to continue throughout the summer. So far, fires have burned an area 12 times larger than the 10-year average for this time of year, reaching almost 4 million hectares, equivalent to nearly 10 million soccer pitches.

Immediate and Long-Term Health Risks

Exposure to wildfire smoke can have significant health implications. The immediate effects include shortness of breath, elevated pulse, chest pain, and inflammation in the eyes, nose, and throat. Individuals with pre-existing respiratory diseases are particularly vulnerable.

However, the small particles in the smoke haze can lead to long-term health issues such as cancer or lung disease, especially for those residing in areas frequently affected by forest fires. These particles can enter the bloodstream and other parts of the body, potentially causing DNA mutations and other health complications.

The Need for Protective Measures

To minimize the health risks associated with the intense smoke, public health officials advise against exercising outdoors and recommend reducing exposure to the smoke as much as possible. Wearing N95 masks is highly recommended, as they provide effective filtration against most smoke particles.

New York City has taken steps to distribute free masks to residents, recognizing the urgency of the situation and the need for temporary measures. Governor Kathy Hochul emphasizes that the city’s buses and trains, equipped with high-quality air filtration systems, remain safe for travel.

Environmental and International Response

As per BBC News The spread of wildfires and the deteriorating air quality have raised concerns about the impact of climate change on the frequency and intensity of such events. Hotter, drier conditions increase the risk of wildfires, highlighting the need for global action to reduce emissions.

In response to the situation, over 600 U.S. firefighters have been dispatched to assist Canadian officials in combating the fires. French firefighters have also been deployed, demonstrating international solidarity in addressing the crisis.


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