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Kevin Costner Estranged Wife Reveals Extravagant Spending A Closer Look at the Finances

The financial details of actor Kevin Costner have been thrust into the public eye by his estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner. In a recent court filing, Baumgartner disclosed the substantial income Costner earned and the exorbitant expenses incurred in 2022. These revelations are an attempt to influence the spousal support she will receive in their divorce settlement. The filing provides insight into the vast sums spent on properties, beach club fees, gifts, and more. This article delves into the specifics of Costner’s finances, shedding light on his spending habits and the ongoing legal battle.

Kevin costner's estranged wife details extravagant spending
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Costner’s Earnings and Expenditures

Kevin Costner earned a total of $19,517,064.32 before taxes in 2022. This income was derived from his involvement in various TV and film projects, rentals, and social security. However, the actor’s expenses amounted to $11,921,543.89, leaving him with a net income of just over $7.5 million for the year.

Properties and Maintenance

A significant portion of Costner’s spending went towards maintaining his three properties. The Santa Barbara, California residence on Padaro Lane required over $70,000 in gardeners’ fees, more than $20,000 for repairs and maintenance, and nearly $200,000 in property taxes. Baumgartner’s refusal to leave a Santa Barbara home has sparked legal disputes, though it is unclear if it pertains to the Padaro Lane property.

Costner’s Aspen, Colorado home incurred expenses totaling nearly $2 million, including salary payments to the ranch manager, employee wages, gardener fees, spa services, and cleaning services. The “Beach House,” presumably located elsewhere, cost Costner $1,178,147 in expenses. These expenses encompassed gardening fees, security services, repairs, and other miscellaneous costs.

Beach Club Fees and Other Expenses

According to Page Six News, In addition to property-related expenses, Costner joined two beach clubs, necessitating a lump sum payment of $160,821 and $288,381, respectively. Educational expenses for his children amounted to over $78,000, while golfing and hunting dues accounted for $34,434 and $12,000, respectively. Personal training expenses amounted to $12,851.

Generosity and Charitable Contributions

Despite his lavish lifestyle, Costner did allocate a portion of his income to charitable contributions, exceeding $36,000. He also spent over $830,000 on gifts for family members, including Baumgartner. Moreover, the court documents revealed thousands of dollars spent on credit card fees for his family members.

Divorce Proceedings and Financial Disputes

Baumgartner’s court filing indicates her dissatisfaction with her expected financial status following the divorce from Costner. She alleges that Costner attempted to deposit $1 million into her bank account as a means to coerce her into accepting the terms of their premarital agreement regarding limited spousal support. However, she declined the payment and instructed her financial accountant to return the funds to Costner.

Costner’s attorneys have yet to respond to these latest claims. In previous court proceedings, the actor expressed a desire to keep his financial records private, citing concerns over potential fraud, burglary, and unwanted media attention. Baumgartner’s actions seem to contradict this request, as she continues to exert financial pressure on Costner, including charging $95,000 on his behalf for legal and forensic accounting services.

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