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Kim Kardashian Explains Reason Behind Deleting TikTok Video Of Daughter

In a recent interview with TIME magazine, Kim Kardashian, the renowned reality star, opened up about her decision to remove a TikTok video featuring her daughter, North West, rapping along to Ice Spice lyrics. As a parent, Kardashian prioritizes her role in ensuring her children’s well-being and felt the need to take action when she realized the content was not appropriate for her young daughter. Let’s delve into the details surrounding this incident and understand Kardashian’s perspective.

The decision to remove the tiktok video
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The Decision to Remove the TikTok Video

When Kim Kardashian came across the TikTok video of her daughter North rapping Ice Spice lyrics, she immediately felt concerned. Recognizing the potential implications and age-inappropriateness of the words,

Kardashian swiftly made the decision to take down the video. In her interview with TIME magazine, she candidly expressed her thoughts, stating, “As soon as I saw the words, I was like, ‘Oh no, we’re taking this down.'”

Addressing the Public’s Reaction

Following the removal of the video, Kim Kardashian became aware of the public’s response, with some echoing Kanye West’s previous statements about children and social media. This led her to reflect on the situation and acknowledge that perhaps West had a valid point in this particular instance.

However, it is crucial to note that the decision to remove the video was driven by Kardashian’s own parental instincts and her desire to protect her daughter from any potential negativity or inappropriate exposure.

Kanye West’s Disapproval of Social Media Use

As per Page six , The public’s reaction to the TikTok video also drew attention to a previous podcast interview featuring North’s father, Kanye West. In the interview, West expressed his disapproval of his daughter using TikTok without his permission,

emphasizing his desire to have control over his children’s social media presence. While Kardashian and West may have disagreed on this matter, it is essential to recognize that they both share the common goal of ensuring their children’s well-being and safety.

Empowering North’s Creativity

Despite the criticism and differing opinions, Kim Kardashian stands firm in her belief that allowing her daughter to express her creativity through platforms like TikTok is a positive outlet. She defends her decision to let North use TikTok for activities such as making slime videos and hair tutorials.

In fact, Kardashian takes pride in her daughter’s creative endeavors and stated, “She loves making slime videos and doing her little hair tutorials, and I will fight for her to be creative.” As a mother, Kardashian values her daughter’s interests and actively supports her artistic pursuits.

Setting Boundaries and Rules

While Kim Kardashian embraces her daughter’s creative expression, she also understands the importance of setting boundaries and rules for her children’s social media usage. In her interview, she revealed that she has a specific rule in place, with North’s father’s consent, that limits TikTok access solely to Kardashian’s phone. Furthermore,

she ensures that North cannot scroll through content independently and explicitly avoids engaging with comments. These measures aim to create a safer and more controlled environment for her daughter’s online presence.

Learning from Past Experiences

Kim Kardashian’s experience with her daughter’s TikTok usage has shaped her perspective on social media platforms. In contrast to the relative success with TikTok, Kardashian recounted an incident involving Instagram when North wanted to create an account for their family dogs.

Recognizing the potential risks and the overwhelming amount of access it provided, Kardashian swiftly put an end to the Instagram experiment. She emphasizes that finding a balance


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