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Mahesh Bhatt’s Father-in-Law and Alia Bhatt’s Beloved Grandfather Narendranath Razdan Passes Away at 94

Narendranath Razdan, the father of veteran actor Soni Razdan and the maternal grandfather of Bollywood star Alia Bhatt, has sadly passed away at the age of 94 due to age-related ailments. T As a respected architect and loving grandfather, Narendranath Razdan played a significant role in the lives of his loved ones, leaving behind a legacy of warmth, love, and memorable moments.

Narendranath razdannarendranath razdan
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Narendranath Razdan Death

Soni Razdan shared the news of her father’s demise on her official Instagram account, describing him as an avid golfer, music lover, and the light of their lives. Alia Bhatt also paid tribute to her beloved grandfather, highlighting his vibrant personality and the joy he brought to their lives. Narendranath Razdan’s passing leaves behind a legacy of love and cherished memories.

A Life Well-Lived:

Narendranath Razdan, an architect by profession, lived a fulfilling and vibrant life until his final days. Known for his love of golf, he continued playing the sport until the age of 93. His work ethic and dedication were admirable, as he remained actively engaged in his profession until the same age.

His zest for life and diverse interests made him an inspiring figure within his family and beyond.

Fond Remembrances from Soni Razdan:

Soni Razdan, deeply saddened by the loss of her beloved father, expressed her gratitude for having known and shared her life with such a kind and loving soul. Through her heartfelt tribute, she emphasized the immense impact her father had on their lives and described him as their angel on earth.

Soni Razdan’s words convey the everlasting bond they share and the lasting influence of her father’s vibrant spirit.

Alia Bhatt’s Loving Tribute:

Alia Bhatt, a prominent figure in the Indian film industry and Narendranath Razdan’s granddaughter, took to social media to pay tribute to her maternal grandfather. In a throwback video capturing his birthday celebration, Alia shared fond memories and highlighted some of his remarkable qualities.

From playing golf and the violin to sharing moments with his great-granddaughter, Narendranath Razdan’s zest for life and love for his family left an indelible impression on Alia and all those who knew him.

A Life Full of Joy:

Alia Bhatt’s tribute emphasized the joy and happiness that Narendranath Razdan brought to their lives. He was known for his culinary skills, especially his famous omelettes, and his knack for storytelling. His love for cricket, sketching, and music further enriched his vibrant personality.

Alia’s heartfelt words reflect the immense impact her grandfather had on their family and the gratitude she feels for the joy he shared with them.

A Legacy of Love and Gratitude:

Narendranath Razdan’s passing leaves a void in the lives of his family members and loved ones. However, his legacy of love, warmth, and cherished memories will continue to live on. Soni Razdan and Alia Bhatt’s tributes serve as testaments to the deep bond they shared with their beloved father and grandfather.

The passing of Narendranath Razdan, the father of Soni Razdan and the grandfather of Alia Bhatt, marks the end of an era for their family. Remembered for his vibrant spirit, zest for life, and unwavering love, Narendranath Razdan leaves behind a legacy of cherished memories.

His impact on his family, as evident from the heartfelt tributes shared by Soni Razdan and Alia Bhatt, serves as a reminder of the enduring power of love and the profound influence of a beloved patriarch. Narendran


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