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Missing 23-Year-Old Man Found Dead in False Creek Vancouver

In a devastating turn of events, the remains of a 23-year-old man who went missing after a night out in downtown Vancouver have been discovered in False Creek. The discovery brings an end to the 11-day search for Suleiman Khawar, but the investigation into his disappearance remains open. The shocking news has left his family and the community in mourning, as they grapple with the tragic loss of a young life.

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Missing Man Found Deceased

On Monday morning, a boater near Granville Island made a grim discovery when they found Khawar’s body in the waters of False Creek. The Vancouver Police were immediately alerted, and the BC Coroners Service was called in to investigate. The heartbreaking finding has raised numerous questions about the circumstances surrounding Khawar’s disappearance and the events leading up to his untimely death.

The Night Out and Disappearance

According to Dailyhive, On the night of May 25, Khawar ventured out for a night of enjoyment in downtown Vancouver. He entered Mansion Night Club, located near West Georgia and Thurlow, to attend a one-year anniversary event around 9 pm. However, he left the event approximately an hour later, around 10 pm. Khawar reportedly texted his family at midnight, informing them that he was on his way home.

The last confirmed sighting of Khawar was near Granville and Drake streets, just before 1:30 am on May 26. It remains unclear what transpired during the intervening hours or what may have led to his tragic fate.

Desperate Search Efforts

Upon realizing that Khawar had not made it home, his family immediately became concerned and launched their own search efforts. Missing posters were plastered throughout the area, and search parties were organized, both on foot and using kayaks. Determined to find their loved one, the family even enlisted the help of a private investigator, funding the endeavor through an online fundraiser.

Sadly, their efforts were in vain as the news of Khawar’s tragic discovery shattered their hopes for a safe return.

Similar Tragedies in False Creek

Khawar’s disappearance and subsequent discovery occurred just days after another heartbreaking incident in False Creek. The body of 36-year-old Irshaad Ikbal, who had been missing for several weeks, was also found in the same area. Ikbal had become separated from his friends during a night out, and his body was pulled from the water near the Plaza of Nations on May 19.

The disturbing parallels between the two cases have left the community reeling, raising concerns about safety and prompting a deeper investigation into the circumstances surrounding these tragedies.

Ongoing Investigation and Call for Information

The Vancouver Police have emphasized that the investigation into Khawar’s disappearance remains open. They are urging anyone who may have seen or interacted with him on the night of May 25, particularly around midnight or in the early morning hours of May 26, to come forward with any information. The Missing Persons Unit can be contacted at 604-717-2530, or individuals can email [email protected] to provide tips that may assist in shedding light on the case.

Community Support and Mourning

The devastating loss of Suleiman Khawar has left his family, friends, and the entire community grieving. The support and solidarity shown by the community during the search efforts demonstrate the collective strength in times of tragedy. As they mourn the loss of a young life filled with potential, they are reminded of the need for greater awareness and safety measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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