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Mysterious Deaths in Russia Pro-Putin Deputy Found Brutally Murdered and Buried

The recent death of Alexander Kolodich, a pro-Putin Deputy of the Duma, has added to the list of mysterious deaths that have plagued Russia in recent times. Kolodich, a member of the United Russia party, was found brutally stabbed and buried in the basement of his Moscow home. This shocking incident comes amidst a string of high-profile deaths that have left the nation puzzled and concerned. As authorities investigate these cases, questions arise about the nature of these deaths and the possible motives behind them.

Pro-putin deputy 'found stabbed to death and buried in basement under his  house' in latest mysterious death in russia | the us sun
Image Source- The US sun

Mysterious Deaths in Russia

Alexander Kolodich, aged 58, was discovered wrapped in a white sheet and covered in debris in the basement of his luxurious private home in Moscow. The deputy of the Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug had suffered multiple fatal stab wounds, indicating a violent altercation.

According to reports, Kolodich had a confrontation with his 39-year-old gardener, which escalated into a stabbing. His horrified wife, aged 55, rushed to his aid upon hearing his screams. Unfortunately, she too was stabbed by the gardener, but managed to escape. The gardener then buried Kolodich in the basement to conceal his crime before fleeing the scene.

Arrest and Investigation

The police were alerted to the incident after the gardener confessed to his brother, who subsequently informed Kolodich’s son and the authorities. The suspect was later arrested, and the investigation into the murder is ongoing. Meanwhile, Kolodich’s wife received medical treatment for her injuries and survived the violent attack.

The Disturbing Trend of Mysterious Deaths

According to US Times Post, The murder of Alexander Kolodich adds to a growing list of unusual deaths among high-profile figures in Russia. Over the past 14 months, more than 40 senior figures, ranging from oligarchs to scientists to generals, have died under mysterious circumstances. These deaths are often classified as “suicides” by the Russian authorities and quickly kept under wraps.

The timing of these deaths is noteworthy, as they coincide with President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. While not all deaths are directly linked to Putin or his regime, the circumstances surrounding them have raised suspicions and led to speculation about their true nature.

The Need for Transparency and Accountability

The pattern of mysterious deaths in Russia raises concerns about transparency and accountability within the country. The lack of clarity surrounding these incidents fuels public mistrust and fuels speculation about the potential involvement of powerful individuals or entities.

As investigations into these deaths continue, it is crucial for Russian authorities to provide thorough and unbiased explanations for each case. The transparency of these investigations will help alleviate public skepticism and ensure that justice is served.

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