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Pope Francis Undergoes Successful Surgery for Intestinal Scar Tissue and Hernia Repair

Pope Francis spent his first night in the hospital following a three-hour surgery to remove intestinal scar tissue and repair a hernia in his abdominal wall. The procedure was necessary due to complications from previous surgeries and was performed at Rome’s Gemelli hospital. The Vatican spokesman, Matteo Bruni, confirmed that the Pope had a good night’s rest and provided reassurance that further updates would be given. The surgery was successful, with no complications or additional pathologies discovered. Dr. Sergio Alfieri, the director of abdominal and endocrine sciences at Gemelli, shared positive news about the Pope’s condition during an evening press conference, stating that he was awake, alert, and even joking.

Pope francis emerges from abdominal surgery without complications
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Pope Francis Surgery

The operation, conducted by Dr. Alfieri, involved the removal of adhesions or internal scarring on the intestine that had caused partial blockage. Additionally, a prosthetic mesh was placed in the abdominal wall to repair the hernia.

Dr. Alfieri revealed that Pope Francis had undergone previous abdominal surgeries before 2013 in Argentina, which had also contributed to the development of scar tissue. However, the tissue removed during this recent surgery was found to be benign, and there were no signs of any other pathologies. The Pope’s recovery is expected to progress smoothly, and after sufficient healing, he should be able to resume his regular activities.

Pope’s Health and Resilience

As Per APN, This is not the first time Pope Francis has undergone significant medical procedures. In July 2021, he spent ten days at Gemelli for the removal of a section of his large intestine due to diverticulosis.

The recent surgery was scheduled to allow ample time for recovery before the Pope’s planned travel later this summer. Despite experiencing bouts of pain and intestinal blockages, Pope Francis has remained resilient and focused on his duties as the head of the Vatican and the Catholic Church.

Canon Law and Papal Authority

According to canon law, Pope Francis retains his authority and responsibility as the leader of the Catholic Church, even while unconscious or hospitalized. His absence does not disrupt the functioning of the Vatican or the Church’s operations. The Pope’s medical team is dedicated to ensuring his well-being while he undergoes recovery, and updates on his progress will continue to be provided by the Vatican.

Future Outlook and Recovery

The immediate focus of the medical team will be managing the Pope’s pain and ensuring proper wound healing. Post-surgery precautions will be essential to prevent a recurrence of complications.

Patients who undergo similar procedures are typically advised to avoid strenuous activities during the first six weeks of recovery. With proper care and adherence to medical advice, the Pope’s medical team is optimistic about his healing process and overall well-being.

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