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Seeking Justice: Long Island Man Arrested for Assaulting Teenager at Skate Park Over a Baseball

A Long Island man has been arrested after allegedly assaulting a 15-year-old boy at a skate park in Huntington, New York, over a baseball. The incident, caught on video, shows the teenager being violently attacked by the adult, leading to charges of assault and endangering the welfare of a minor. The shocking confrontation has sparked outrage and raised concerns about safety and the response of local authorities.

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Arrest Made in Assault Case at Greenlawn Skate Park

Andrew Chiaro, a 36-year-old man from Massapequa, was taken into custody on May 25 and charged with misdemeanor assault and endangering the welfare of a minor. The incident occurred on May 21 at Greenlawn State Park, where the teenager, Trent Rounsvall, was engaged in bike tricks with his friends.

Confrontation Over a Baseball Turns Violent

According to Rounsvall, the altercation began when a baseball flew into the skate park, narrowly missing him. He picked up the ball and put it in his pocket, which prompted a group of adult men from a nearby baseball game to approach him aggressively, hurling curses. The video footage captures Chiaro grabbing the teen’s pocket before forcibly pulling him away from his bike and slamming him against a chain fence.

Teenager Recounts the Terrifying Experience

Rounsvall, a freshman at St. Anthony’s High School, expressed disbelief and fear during the assault, as he was subjected to an attack by an older individual. The incident left him traumatized, and he shared his emotional response, stating that he had never experienced such violence before.

Mother Expresses Concern and Calls for Investigation

Terry Lipton, Rounsvall’s mother, expressed her distress and highlighted her son’s emotional struggles following the assault. Initially, charges were not filed against Chiaro, and Lipton claims that the police took the baseball players’ side, labeling the teen and his friends as disruptive skaters.

However, the emergence of the video evidence led to a change in the investigation, and Lipton now seeks an internal affairs investigation into the police response.

Repercussions for the Assailant and Calls for Stronger

Action Chiaro has faced immediate consequences for his actions, including a 10-week suspension from baseball and a ban for his team from playing on Huntington’s fields. The Long Island Stan Musial Baseball League is also considering a lifetime ban for Chiaro.

Additionally, it has been reported that Chiaro has a prior arrest for weapons possession, raising concerns about his history and potential risks to the community.

The assault at the Greenlawn Skate Park has brought attention to the safety of recreational spaces and the need for swift and appropriate action against perpetrators of violence. The incident has left a 15-year-old boy traumatized and his family seeking justice.

The arrest of the assailant and the subsequent consequences he faces send a message that such behavior will not be tolerated. As the case progresses, the community will be looking for assurances that authorities thoroughly investigate the incident and take necessary measures to ensure the safety of all individuals in public spaces.


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