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Shocking Playground Incident As Acid Used to Harm Children on Slides in Massachusetts Park

A shocking incident at Bliss Park in Longmeadow, Massachusetts has left two children with burn-like injuries after the playground slides were maliciously doused with acid. Authorities are investigating the incident as a case of vandalism and potential assault. The affected children, who suffered superficial burns, were quickly attended to by emergency medical services. As the investigation unfolds, concerns have been raised about the safety of public spaces and the need for increased security measures to protect children and families.

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Acid Attack on Playground Slides Shocks Community:

Bliss Park, known as a popular recreational spot for families, turned into a scene of distress and concern when two children were discovered with burn-like injuries after playing on the slides. The incident has left residents shocked and questioning the safety of public parks in the community.

Mother’s Alarming Discovery and Immediate Response:

The mother of the injured children, Ashley Thielen, recounted her experience at the park, unaware of the dangerous substance on the slides. It wasn’t until her youngest child began crying that she realized something was seriously wrong. Thielen’s swift action highlights the potential severity of the situation and the importance of prompt medical attention.

Stolen Acid Used as a Tool of Vandalism:

Authorities investigating the incident revealed that an individual or group had broken into a storage room at the park’s swimming pool and stolen muriatic acid. This corrosive substance, commonly used for cleaning or adjusting pool pH levels, was deliberately poured onto three slides, putting unsuspecting children at risk.

Concerns over Perpetrator Injuries and Forensic Investigation:

While no suspects have been apprehended, officials suspect that the individuals responsible for the act may have suffered acid burns themselves. The fire department urged anyone with knowledge of individuals exhibiting recent burns or damaged clothing to come forward. Evidence has been collected and sent to the state crime lab for forensic analysis to aid in identifying the culprits.

Ensuring Public Safety and Taking Action:

In response to the incident, authorities have thoroughly cleaned the playground of hazardous materials and temporarily closed it off with fencing. The focus now turns to enhancing security measures and raising awareness about the importance of vigilance and reporting suspicious activities in public spaces. Communities must work together to prevent such incidents and ensure the safety of children.

The malicious act of dousing playground slides with acid at Bliss Park in Longmeadow has shocked the local community and ignited concerns about public safety. The injuries suffered by two children serve as a stark reminder of the potential dangers lurking in seemingly innocent places.

Authorities are determined to identify and apprehend those responsible, while also taking steps to enhance security measures in public parks. This incident serves as a call for increased vigilance and community cooperation to protect the well-being of children and families enjoying public spaces.


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