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88 Year Old Mafia Boss Appeals For Compassionate Release – A Saga Of Crime, Conviction And Failing Health

In the realm of notorious criminals, few names evoke as much intrigue and fascination as Vittorio ‘Little Vic’ Amuso. A former Mafia boss, now 88 years old, Amuso finds himself confined to a wheelchair within the walls of a federal prison in Butner, North Carolina. Serving a life sentence for his involvement in multiple murders and racketeering, Amuso’s story takes an unexpected turn as he pleads for compassionate release due to his deteriorating health and the challenges posed by old age.

The reign of 'little vic'
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The Reign Of ‘Little Vic’

Once at the helm of the infamous Lucchese family, Amuso’s name became synonymous with organized crime in the 1990s. In June 1992, a Brooklyn Federal Court trial linked him to nine murders and three attempted killings, leading to his conviction on charges of murder and racketeering. Sentenced to life without parole, Amuso has spent the past 31 years behind bars.

A Desperate Plea For Compassionate Release

Amidst the harsh realities of his confinement, Amuso’s attorneys have filed a court motion seeking compassionate release. They argue that his advanced age and severe chronic medical conditions,

combined with his exemplary behavior while incarcerated, warrant a reduction in his sentence. The court filing highlights the grim prognosis of Amuso’s health and the negligible quality of life he currently experiences.

The Toll Of Time And Illness

Amuso’s physical condition paints a bleak picture of an elderly man plagued by ailments. Chronic arthritis has rendered him reliant on a wheelchair, hindering his mobility. His vision has blurred and worsened, making even simple tasks a challenge. The loss of all his teeth adds to the burdens he faces daily.

In his moments of distress, Amuso regularly calls for medical assistance, often resorting to handwritten notes in his pleas for cortisol shots, which unfortunately go unanswered or unheeded.

A Plea For Dignity And Humanity

The court document submitted by Amuso’s legal team emphasizes that granting compassionate leave would neither diminish the gravity of his crimes nor undermine the need for deterrence in society.

Rather, it argues that Amuso’s advanced age and deteriorating health have severely curtailed his ability to care for himself within the prison environment. Conventional treatments offer no substantial improvement for his medical conditions.

A Family’s Testimony

As per New york post , The testimonies of Amuso’s children and grandchildren paint a different portrait of the man behind the notorious persona. They describe a devoted Catholic who, despite his past, has guided and supported them through countless phone calls from within the prison walls.

Their accounts shed light on Amuso’s role as a caring and compassionate figure within his family, appealing to the court’s sense of understanding and mercy.

The Path to Incarceration

Amuso’s journey to federal prison was marked by intricate webs of crime and betrayal. His former lieutenant, Alfonse D’Arco, assumed leadership of the mob in Amuso’s absence but eventually turned informant.

With the FBI on their trail, the once untouchable Amuso was captured in a shopping mall in Scranton, Pennsylvania, while attempting to evade the long arm of the law.

A Twisted Tale of Violence and Survival

One of the key witnesses in Amuso’s trial was Peter Chiodo, a mob associate who had been targeted for assassination due to suspicions of him becoming an informant. Chiodo miraculously survived an ambush at a Staten Island gas station where he was shot 13 times.

In a subsequent attempt on his life, Chiodo’s sister, Patricia Capozzalo, was also targeted but survived the attack. Eventually, Chiodo turned government cooperator, providing crucial testimony that revealed the dark underbelly of murder, violence, and intricate schemes within the Mafia.

Seeking Compassion Amidst the Shadows

Amuso’s plea for compassionate release echoes the calls of other former crime bosses who have utilized the provisions of the First Step Act of 2018. Peter Gotti,

once at the helm of the Gambino family, pursued compassionate release after 17 years behind bars, renouncing his criminal past in a bid for a chance at redemption. However, he sadly passed away in prison from natural causes in 2021.

A Complex Landscape of Legal Battles

While some have been successful in their pursuit of compassionate release, others have faced rejection. Michael ‘Baldy Mike’ Spinelli, who was involved in the attempt on Patricia Capozzalo’s life, was denied compassionate release by Brooklyn Federal Judge Raymond Dearie.

Similarly, Vito Guzzo, convicted of five murders in 1998, faced refusal from Brooklyn Federal Judge Margo Brodie.

A Glimmer of Hope for Vittorio Amuso?

In light of recent developments, where other former crime bosses have found limited success in their bids for compassionate release, Amuso’s case raises questions about the delicate balance between punishment and compassion. With his advancing age and deteriorating health,

coupled with his family’s testimonials and his own impeccable conduct during imprisonment, the decision rests in the hands of the courts.


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