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Tragic Shooting in Texas Woman Fatally Shoots Uber Driver in a Case of Mistaken Kidnapping

A shocking incident in El Paso, Texas has left a community in mourning after a woman mistakenly believed she was being kidnapped and fatally shot her Uber driver. The accused, Phoebe Copas, a visitor from Tompkinsville, Kentucky, was visiting her boyfriend in El Paso when the tragic event occurred on June 16. Mistaking signs for “Juarez, Mexico,” Copas erroneously believed she was being taken across the border against her will. The El Paso Police Department has charged her with murder in the death of 52-year-old Daniel Piedra Garcia, who tragically lost his life in the incident.

Woman believed texas uber driver was kidnapping her to mexico
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Tragic Shooting in Texas

According to a complaint affidavit, Copas was picked up by Piedra in a gray Nissan Maxima and was en route to another location to meet her boyfriend. As they were traveling on U.S. 54 southbound in South-Central El Paso, Copas saw signs indicating the direction to “Juarez, Mexico.” This misinterpretation led her to believe she was being kidnapped and taken across the border.

In her panic, Copas allegedly retrieved a handgun from her purse and shot Piedra in the back right side of his head. The gunshot caused the vehicle to crash into barriers on the freeway. The crash site was not in close proximity to any entry point to Mexico, debunking Copas’ mistaken belief. Authorities have emphasized that the route taken by Piedra was a normal and direct one, leading to the destination requested by Copas.

Tragic Aftermath and Family’s Grief

According to USA Today News, Copas reportedly took a photograph of Piedra after he was shot and sent it to her boyfriend via text message before calling 911. Officers arrived at the scene and found Copas being assisted out of the car by her boyfriend. They discovered Piedra slumped over in the driver’s seat, having suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head.

Piedra’s family made the difficult decision to remove him from life support after doctors declared him brain dead. This devastating choice has left them grief-stricken, as they describe Piedra as a hardworking, funny, and caring individual. Piedra had recently taken up work as an Uber driver to provide for his family and be there for them when they needed him the most.

Community Support and Call for Justice

The El Paso community has rallied around Piedra’s family, offering support and honoring his memory. A vigil was held in a local park to celebrate Piedra’s life and allow the community to grieve together. The family, while devastated, seeks justice for the untimely loss of their loved one. They emphasize the need for Copas to be held accountable for her actions, recognizing that her impulsive decision has had far-reaching consequences.

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