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Legendary NFL Star Jim Brown Suddenly Dies At The Age Of 87, Family Pays Tribute

Jim Brown, one of the finest football players of all time, passed away at the age of 87 on May 18, 2023. Brown was a nine-time Pro Bowler and eight-time first-team All-Pro during his nine-year career with the Cleveland Browns.

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Jim Brown Death

He also leads the NFL in rushing eight times. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1971, and more than 50 years after his final NFL game, his name is still synonymous with running back excellence.

We will inform you of his precise cause of death and other biographical information, including his net worth and legal issues. Join us as we celebrate the extraordinary life of Jim Brown.

Jim Brown’s Cause Of Death

According to various reports, Brown died of natural causes. As of the time of his death, the former Cleveland Browns running back was at home in Los Angeles with his wife. According to the most recent health reports,

Jim Brown suffers from minor ailments such as kidney infection and knee pain. Apart from these, Jim Brown does not have any significant health complications. Jim Brown felt dizzy during a recent excursion to Chicago and was admitted to the hospital.

Detail About Brown’s Legacy

Brown’s legacy went beyond football. He was a civil rights activist who founded the Black Economic Union in the 1960s to assist businesses owned by African Americans. He also founded the Amer-I-Can Foundation in the 1980s to stop gang violence in Southern California.

Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, among other Black athletes, were criticized for not doing more to bring social change. As reported by 

In his 80s, Brown was still active in politics. Obama’s tenure in office disappointed him after he campaigned for Obama. He said Trump “really talks about helping Black people” after Trump’s presidential election in 2016.

Brown’s Acting Career

Brown was also an actor, appearing in 55 movies or television shows. His most notable performance might be the first interracial love scene in a mainstream movie in 1969 when he starred alongside Raquel Welch in “100 Rifles.”

Brown’s Legal Issues

The majority of Brown’s legal issues involved allegations of violence against women. Los Angeles Times reports that Brown allegedly threw a woman off a second-story balcony in one of five cases of violence against women.

These charges were dismissed after the victim refused to identify Brown as her attacker. Brown broke his wife’s windshield in 1999, but he was not convicted of any of these offenses until he received a six-month jail sentence.

Brown’s Athletic Career

Brown began his ascent to prominence as a distinguished athlete at Syracuse. In addition to being an All-American running back, he also excelled in basketball, lacrosse, and track. Some argue that he is one of the finest lacrosse players of all time, as he is in the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

The Browns selected Brown with the sixth overall selection in the 1957 NFL Draft. As a rookie, he led the NFL in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns, earning the Most Valuable Player award from the Associated Press.

He also earned the Most Outstanding Player award (renamed MVP in 1961) in 1958. Brown also claimed MVP in his final NFL season, in 1965.

Brown was taller and faster than almost every running back who came before him. He was 6-foot-2 and 232 pounds, almost as large as the best offensive linemen of his era, and he had more strength and agility than the defenders who attempted to bring him down.

His final career average was 5.2 yards per carry. Only Marion Motley’s average of 5.7 yards per carry is higher among retired athletes. Before Walter Payton surpassed Brown’s rushing yards record in 1984, Brown held the record with 12,312.

Brown held the NFL mark for total touchdowns with 126 until Jerry Rice scored 127 in 1994.  As reported by

Brown’s Net Worth At The Time Of Death

Jim Brown had a net worth of $50 million US dollars at the time of his death. This is a testament to his success as a football player, actor, and civil rights activist. Brown’s net worth was built over a long

And illustrious career that spanned several decades. During his playing days, Brown earned a modest salary of $13,000 from the NFL.


Jim Brown was a legendary football player, civil rights activist, actor, and athlete. He was a complicated figure who made headlines for both his on-field accomplishments and off-field controversies. Brown’s legacy will continue to be debated

And discussed for years to come, but there is no denying his impact on the NFL and American society as a whole. So rightly quoted by “Maybe the greatest football player ever. Certainly the most impactful athlete of all time.

RIP the legend Jim Brown.” — Joe Thomas, the Browns’ offensive tackle who will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August.


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