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The Remarkable Finding of Ruma Reshi’s Holy Cave in Rumasu

In a momentous archaeological and spiritual breakthrough, the Jamaat Aitqaad Hanafiya team from South Kashmir has made an extraordinary discovery—the Holy Cave of Ruma Reshi in Rumsu. This remarkable find has not only shed light on Kashmir’s rich historical and cultural heritage but has also evoked reverence and awe from both the Muslim and Hindu communities. Led by renowned religious scholar and former bureaucrat, Farooq Renzu Shah, the team’s achievement has sparked excitement and curiosity among scholars and enthusiasts alike. Let us delve into the details of this significant discovery and unravel the secrets hidden within the Holy Cave of Ruma Reshi.

J&k: ancient holy cave of ruma reshi unearthed, reveals spiritual marvel
The Remarkable Finding of Ruma Reshi's Holy Cave in Rumasu 2

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Unveiling Ruma Reshi’s Historical Significance

The Holy Cave of Ruma Reshi is located in the Pulwama District of South Kashmir and has historical roots dating back to the time of the last Reshi Queen of Kashmir, Hazrat Kota Raani, who reigned from 1330 to 1339. The existence of Ruma Reshi predates well-known figures such as Lala Daed and Sheikh Ul Aalam, as mentioned by Sheikh Ul Aalam himself. This cave holds immense historical and spiritual significance, making it a captivating site for exploration and research.

The Pioneers of the Discovery

The discovery of the Ruma Reshi cave is credited to the diligent efforts of Haji Mohammad Abdullah and Haji Nazeer, members of the Jamaat Aitqaad Hanafiya team. Their unwavering commitment and dedication to uncovering the hidden treasures of Kashmir have earned them accolades and recognition. Haji Mohammad Abdullah, the Nigraan-e-Aala of Jamaat Aitqaad Hanafiya, has been hailed for his contribution to identifying the cave. Moreover, Haji Nazeer Sahib, a companion of Haji Mohammad Abdullah Jeba, played a pivotal role in the discovery. Their collective efforts have opened a new chapter in the exploration of Kashmir’s cultural and spiritual heritage.

The Joy and Enthusiasm

As per Ring kashmir, News of the Ruma Reshi cave discovery has ignited joy and enthusiasm among the people of Kashmir and beyond. Social media platforms have been abuzz with congratulatory messages and expressions of happiness. The cave’s location in Rehmu, Pulwama, has generated excitement, with locals cherishing the newfound treasure in their region. The significance of this discovery extends beyond the boundaries of South Kashmir, resonating with people from all walks of life.

Connecting Historical Figures

The Holy Cave of Ruma Reshi not only deepens our understanding of the Reshi cult but also establishes connections between influential historical figures. Ruma Reshi’s existence predating Sheikh Ul Aalam and the presence of Hazrat Kota Rani during the same period highlight the intertwined lives of these revered personalities. Additionally, the nurturing relationship between Lala Daed and Sheikh Ul Alam, where Lala Daed fed Sheikh Ul Alam with milk, adds another layer of interconnectedness. This discovery serves as a testament to the interconnected tapestry of Kashmir’s historical landscape.

Preserving Kashmir’s Cultural and Spiritual Heritage

The identification of the Holy Cave and Grave of Hazrat Ruma Reshi marks a significant milestone in the preservation of Kashmir’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage. The Jamaat Aitqaad Hanafiya team’s relentless pursuit to explore and safeguard these invaluable treasures is commendable. Their efforts contribute to preserving the legacy of Kashmir’s past, fostering a deeper appreciation for its historical and cultural heritage.

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