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British Actor Julian Sands Confirmed Dead After Months Long Search in Southern California Mountains

LOS ANGELES, June 27 (Reuters) – Renowned British-born actor Julian Sands, widely recognized for his memorable role in the Oscar-celebrated film “A Room with a View,” has been confirmed dead on Tuesday after a five-month search in the snow-covered mountains of Southern California. The skeletal remains found by hikers in the vicinity where Sands went missing have been positively identified as belonging to the 65-year-old actor, according to the San Bernardino County coroner and sheriff’s department.

Actor julian sands confirmed dead five months after he went missing while  hiking in us - abc news
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British Actor Julian Sands Confirmed Dead

Julian Sands, an avid outdoorsman and mountaineer, was reported missing on Jan. 13 after embarking on a solo hiking trip in the Baldy Bowl area of the San Gabriel Mountains, approximately 50 miles northeast of Los Angeles. The region, known for its popularity among skiers, climbers, and backpackers, had been rendered treacherous by heavy snowfall from weeks of winter storms. Overnight temperatures had dipped into the mid-20s Fahrenheit (-4 to 4 degrees Celsius) during that week.

Despite organized search parties and subsequent efforts, including a major sweep conducted just days before the discovery of Sands’ remains, the hazardous conditions and avalanche risks hampered the search operation. The authorities had to temporarily suspend the search 24 hours after his disappearance due to safety concerns. Cellphone signals detected on Jan. 15 indicated that Sands was heading toward the ridge of Mount Baldy, offering the last known indication of his movement before the tragedy occurred.

Heartfelt Appreciation and Acceptance

A statement released by Sands’ family, prior to the discovery of his remains but after the latest search effort, expressed gratitude towards the search teams and conveyed a sense of acceptance regarding his fate. The family thanked the search teams for their tireless efforts and celebrated Julian as a cherished father, husband, explorer, nature enthusiast, and collaborative performer.

A Remarkable Career and Passion for the Outdoors

According to Reuters, Throughout his career, Sands showcased his versatility by delving into various genres, particularly excelling in the horror genre. He portrayed a son of Satan in the supernatural thriller “Warlock” and its sequel, a spider expert in the comedy-creeper “Arachnophobia,” and the title role in “The Phantom of the Opera.” Sands also appeared in notable films such as “Leaving Las Vegas,” “Naked Lunch,” and the English-language adaptation of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” Additionally, he made appearances in numerous television shows, including “Smallville.”

In recent years, Sands found success in one-man stage shows, captivating audiences with his recitation of the poetry of renowned literary figures such as Harold Pinter, John Keats, and Percy Shelley. His dedication to the arts extended beyond acting, demonstrating his multifaceted talents.

Remembering Julian Sands

Julian Sands’ love for the outdoors, particularly mountain climbing, was a lifelong passion. He found solace and contentment when conquering peaks, describing the experience as an opportunity to lose oneself, transcend self-consciousness, and harmonize with the environment. Sands’ resilience and determination were exemplified by his survival of a treacherous storm during a climb in the Andes.

He leaves behind a loving family, including his second wife, Evgenia Citkowitz, with whom he had two daughters, and a son from his first marriage to journalist Sarah Harvey. Sands’ impact on the film industry, his contribution to the performing arts, and his adventurous spirit will be cherished by fans and colleagues alike.

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