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Demonte Sherrill Begged For Help On Facebook Live Video Before He Died In Devastating Construction Fire

In a harrowing incident, a father of four desperately pleaded for help on Facebook Live before succumbing to a deadly construction fire in Charlotte, North Carolina. The five-alarm fire broke out on Thursday morning at a multistory apartment building under construction,

Demonte sherrill
Image Source: CNN

Demonte Sherrill Facebook Live Video

Leaving two workers unaccounted for. On Friday, officials confirmed that the bodies of both workers had been recovered. Let us describe the horrifying incident below in the article. 

The Struggle To Reach The Trapped Workers

Firefighters faced immense challenges in their attempts to reach the trapped workers, including limited visibility and rapidly spreading flames. Charlotte Fire Chief Reginald Johnson detailed the difficulties faced by the rescue crews during a news conference on Friday.

Despite their best efforts, the firefighters were unable to locate the workers in time, ultimately requiring the assistance of another company to help escort them out.

Who Was Demonte Sherrill?

One of the victims was identified as Demonte Sherrill, a father of four who was remembered by his family as a hard worker, loving father, and dedicated family man. Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles expressed her condolences to Sherrill’s family,

Stating, “I want Mr. Sherrill’s family to know that we grieve with you – especially Mr. Sherrill’s children.” The name of the second victim has not been released, but Mayor Lyles assured their loved ones that the community and city stand with them in their time of grief.

Sherrill’s family members recounted the heart-wrenching experience of witnessing his final moments on Facebook Live to CNN affiliate WSOC. His mother, Onita Sherrill,

Described watching her son plead for help and pray for a safe space as the room filled with smoke. His father, Terry Campbell, confirmed that Sherrill’s boss had informed him that his son did not make it out alive.

The Aftermath

The cause of the fire has been determined to be unintentional and remains under investigation. Fire Chief Johnson revealed that the fire originated in a spray insulation foam trailer on the ground floor.

Over 90 firefighters were involved in the rescue efforts, working tirelessly to save the construction workers. With temperatures exceeding 2,000 degrees, the fire spread rapidly, making the rescue operation even more challenging.

The devastating fire has deeply affected the Charlotte community, with the Charlotte Fire Department tweeting, “This fire has been difficult for our community, and our firefighters continue to diligently work on the scene to find answers.

Mayor Lyles also shared that firefighters had successfully rescued a crane operator who was trapped above the blaze. The building under construction was a multistory apartment building, as reported by WSOC.


In the end, we can conclude that the tragic loss of Demonte Sherrill and the second unidentified worker in the Charlotte construction fire serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by construction workers every day.

As the community comes together to mourn the loss of these two individuals, the ongoing investigation will hopefully provide answers and prevent future tragedies of this nature.


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