Enhanced Podcast Discovery As Apple Podcasts Introduces Subcategories and Language-Based Recommendations

In a recent announcement, Apple revealed that it has upgraded the search tab of its Podcasts app with the introduction of nine subcategories. These subcategories aim to simplify the process of discovering new shows across various topics, including “Mental Health,” “Relationships,” “Self-Improvement,” “Personal Journals,” “Entrepreneurship,” “Documentary,” “Books,” “Parenting,” and “Language Learning.”

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Enhanced Discoverability with Subcategories on Apple Podcast

With the rollout of the new subcategories, users can now explore podcasts based on their specific interests within these focused areas. The update on Apple Podcast is available across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV devices. These subcategories complement the existing 19 main categories.

These include popular genres like “Comedy,” “True Crime,” “Sports,” and “Society & Culture.” As part of the update, Apple has also refreshed the artwork and recommendations for all categories, providing an improved browsing experience.

Individual Charts for Subcategories

To further assist users in finding popular shows and episodes, each of the nine subcategories features its own chart. These charts highlight the top podcasts and episodes within the respective subcategory, allowing listeners to discover trending content more easily.

Easier Language-Based Podcast Exploration

Alongside the introduction of subcategories, Apple Podcasts has introduced a new section called “Podcasts by Language.” This feature enables users in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia to effortlessly find podcasts based on their preferred language.

Supported languages include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Additionally, Apple is rolling out a “Podcasts in English” feature in select markets, enhancing the accessibility of English-language content for users worldwide.

Upcoming Features with iOS 17

Apple has also announced that iOS 17, set to launch in the fall, will bring a range of new features to Apple Podcasts. Among the upcoming updates are enhancements to the Now Playing interface, Queue management, and search filters. Moreover, Apple will introduce a feature that allows users to connect their podcast subscriptions with the App Store, streamlining the subscription management process.

Apple’s recent updates to the Podcasts app, particularly the introduction of subcategories and language filters, demonstrate the company’s commitment to improving the discoverability and user experience within the podcasting platform.

These additions will undoubtedly make it easier for listeners to explore content that aligns with their interests and preferences. With the upcoming iOS 17 features, Apple continues to refine and innovate its podcasting ecosystem, offering an even more seamless and personalized listening experience for its users.


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