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Florida Woman Charged with Fatally Shooting Black Neighbor Granted $154,000 Bond

A judge in Marion County, Florida, has granted a $154,000 bond to Susan Louise Lorincz, a white woman charged with fatally shooting her Black neighbor, Ajike Owens, through her front door. Lorincz returned to court after pleading not guilty to a first-degree felony charge of manslaughter with a firearm, along with counts of culpable negligence, battery, and assault. The decision to grant bond came with certain conditions, including the wearing of an ankle monitor and an order to stay away from the family of the deceased neighbor.

Florida woman who fatally shot neighbor granted $154,000 bond - abc news
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Florida Woman

The incident occurred on June 2 in Ocala, Florida, where Ajike Owens tragically lost her life. Owens, a 34-year-old mother of four children, was allegedly shot by Lorincz following a confrontation. According to Lorincz’s statements to investigators, she had been experiencing ongoing issues with disrespect from neighborhood children, including Owens’ children, over the span of two years.

On the day of the shooting, Lorincz claimed to have a headache, and the noise from children running and yelling outside her apartment aggravated her. Later, while a few children were playing basketball, Lorincz reportedly threw a pair of roller skates at them, hitting one of them on the feet.

The Fatal Shooting

As the situation escalated, Owens approached Lorincz’s door, leading to a confrontation. Lorincz alleged that Owens threatened her and banged on her door forcefully, causing her to fear that it would be broken down. In response, Lorincz fired a single round from her .380-caliber handgun through the closed door, which tragically struck and fatally wounded Owens.

Legal Proceedings

Lorincz initially avoided immediate arrest as authorities explored the possibility of a “stand your ground” claim. However, detectives ultimately determined that her actions were not justifiable under Florida law, leading to her arrest.

At the recent court hearing, the family of Ajike Owens expressed dissatisfaction with the first-degree manslaughter charge and demanded that Lorincz face a more serious charge of second-degree murder. The family’s attorneys argued that the shooting was intentional, stating that Lorincz meant to pull the trigger and point the gun at the door, showing a lack of respect for human life.

Judge’s Ruling and Reactions

As Per ABC News, Circuit Court Judge Robert Hodges granted a $154,000 bond for Lorincz, which drew attention and concern from the victim’s relatives and supporters in the courtroom. As part of the bond conditions, Lorincz will be required to wear an ankle monitor and must maintain distance from the Owens family. The decision left the Owens family disappointed, as they believe the charge against Lorincz should reflect the severity of the incident.

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