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Tragic News As Born x Raised Co-founder Chris Printup Passes Away in Car Crash

Los Angeles, CA – The streetwear community is mourning the loss of Born x Raised co-founder Chris Printup, widely known as Spanto, who tragically died in a car accident on Tuesday, June 27. The devastating news sent shockwaves through the industry as tributes poured in on social media, honoring Printup’s contributions and celebrating his remarkable journey. His untimely passing has left a void in the fashion world and among his beloved friends, collaborators, and fans.

Chris printup
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Chris Printup Death

The streetwear community is reeling from the heartbreaking loss of Chris Printup, also known as Spanto, co-founder of Born x Raised. It’s hard to believe that he was tragically taken from us in a car accident on June 27. The news hit us like a wave of sadness, and we are all mourning the passing of such an influential figure in the fashion industry.

Spanto played an instrumental role in shaping Born x Raised and establishing it as a powerhouse in the streetwear scene. His creative vision and dedication made an indelible mark on the brand, and his absence leaves a void that can never be filled.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family, friends, and everyone whose lives he touched. We will forever remember and celebrate the incredible journey of Chris Printup, a true icon in streetwear. Rest in peace, Spanto.

Shaping an Iconic Brand: Printup’s Role in Born x Raised

Since its inception in 2013, Born x Raised has become synonymous with authenticity, street culture, and a deep-rooted connection to Los Angeles. Alongside partner Alex “2Tone” Erdmann, Printup helped shape the brand’s unique aesthetic and reputation.

Born x Raised quickly gained recognition for its collaborations with renowned brands like New Era, Converse, and Babylon, as well as its partnerships with prominent Los Angeles sports franchises, including the Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, Rams, and LAFC. The brand’s Instagram following of 300K is a testament to its widespread appeal and influence.

A Tribute to Printup: Fond Remembrances and Heartfelt Tributes

The news of Printup’s passing struck a chord within the creative community, prompting an outpouring of tributes on social media. Close friends, collaborators, and fans expressed their grief and shared poignant memories of the talented designer.

Esteemed photographer Atiba Jefferson took to Instagram, writing, “Spanto, I was waiting to make this post because of how much of a fighter you are…you will always be with us…I love you and will see you again.” Rap executive icon Dante Ross also paid homage, highlighting Printup’s universal love and respect: “Watching his evolution was a gift, hearing his laugh an honor…we love you Chris.”

A Journey of Triumph: Overcoming Adversity and Inspiring Others

Printup’s life was marked by resilience and determination. Diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2013, just a month after the inception of Born x Raised, he embarked on a battle against the disease while simultaneously building a burgeoning brand.

By 2018, reports confirmed that Printup had overcome cancer, showcasing his unwavering spirit and strength. His journey served as an inspiration to many, illustrating the power of perseverance and the indomitable human spirit.

A Commitment to Community: Printup’s Impact on Los Angeles

Beyond his creative pursuits, Printup was known for his altruism and dedication to his native Los Angeles. His commitment to uplifting the city and its communities resonated deeply with those who knew him. Printup’s legacy extends far beyond the realm of fashion, as he tirelessly worked to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Awaiting Official Announcement: Born x Raised Silent on Social Media

As the news of Printup’s passing reverberated throughout the industry, Born x Raised has yet to release an official statement on their social media channels. The brands loyal following eagerly awaits an update, seeking solace and guidance during this difficult time.

In Memory of Chris Printup: A Final Farewell

Chris Printup’s sudden and tragic passing has left a void in the hearts of many. His talent, resilience, and unwavering commitment to his craft and community will be remembered and cherished. As the fashion world mourns the loss of a true visionary, Printup’s legacy will continue to inspire and guide future generations within the industry.


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