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Shark Attack Claims Life of Russian Man in Egypt’s Red Sea

A tranquil day at a bustling Egyptian beach turned into a scene of horror when a tiger shark attacked a Russian man, tragically ending his life. The incident, which took place at the popular resort city of Hurghada on Egypt’s eastern coast, has left witnesses and beachgoers in shock. This article provides an in-depth account of the shark attack, the immediate aftermath, and the measures taken by Egyptian authorities to address the situation.

Russian gets eaten by shark in egypt: tourists witness the attack of the  23-year-old man - yen. Com. Gh
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The Attack and Eyewitness Accounts

On a seemingly ordinary day at the beach, a Russian man, identified as V. Popov, was swimming in the waters near the Elysees Dream Beach Hotel when he fell victim to a sudden and ferocious shark attack.

A video circulating online captures the chaotic scene, as witnesses scream in panic while the man is pulled underwater by the shark. Shockingly, one witness can be heard uttering the chilling words, “It’s eating his remains now.”

Eyewitnesses recounted their futile attempts to save Popov, with many expressing their shock and disbelief at the harrowing event. One witness described the rapid response of the rescuers, but their efforts proved unsuccessful in saving the victim.

As per CNN , The traumatic incident has left an indelible mark on the witnesses, with one woman confessing, “I’m shaking. Right in front of my eyes, the shark ate that guy.”

Official Statements and Actions

The Egyptian Environment Ministry promptly responded to the incident, confirming on Facebook that a tiger shark was responsible for the tragic death of the Russian man. The ministry established a committee to investigate the attack, aiming to determine the circumstances and potential causes.

Yasmine Fouad, the Minister of Environment, directed local authorities to implement stringent safety measures along the Red Sea beaches to prevent similar incidents in the future.

In an effort to prevent further harm, a two-day ban on swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities was imposed in the area spanning from Gouna in the north to Soma Bay in the south.

The ban aimed to ensure the safety of visitors and thoroughly examine the captured tiger shark to gather essential information about the attack and assess whether it was involved in previous incidents.

Previous Shark Attacks in the Red Sea

Although shark attacks in Red Sea coastal regions are relatively rare, this incident is not the first of its kind. In 2022, two women lost their lives in separate shark attacks in the Red Sea near Hurghada. In 2020, an Ukrainian boy suffered the loss of an arm,

while an Egyptian tour guide lost a leg in another unfortunate encounter with a shark. Similar incidents have occurred in the past, including the 2018 death of a Czech tourist in a shark attack along the Red Sea coast.

Tiger Sharks and their Behavior

Tiger sharks, known for their large size and formidable nature, are considered the second most likely shark species to attack humans, following great whites. However, what sets them apart is their near-undiscriminating palate, as they are less likely to swim away after biting a human.

This distinguishes them from great whites, which often release their victims after an initial bite. The unpredictable behavior of tiger sharks poses an additional challenge for beach safety measures.


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