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Shocking Revelation: Trump Captured on Tape Discussing Classified Document Post-Presidency

In a stunning development, federal prosecutors have obtained an audio recording of a meeting held in the summer of 2021, where former President Donald Trump admits to possessing a classified Pentagon document regarding a potential attack on Iran. This revelation contradicts Trump’s claims of declassifying all relevant materials before leaving the White House.

Donald trump audio recording
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Donald Trump Audio Recording:

Trump’s Retention of Classified Material Multiple sources familiar with the investigation have confirmed the existence of an audio recording capturing a meeting where Trump acknowledges possessing a classified Pentagon document.

Although CNN has not listened to the recording, sources describe it as containing a two-minute segment discussing the Iran document. Donald Trump‘s comments imply a desire to share the information, but he acknowledges the restrictions on his ability to declassify records after leaving office.

Investigation Led by Special Counsel

Jack Smith Special counsel Jack Smith is heading the Justice Department investigation into Trump’s handling of national security secrets. The recording of the meeting has become a crucial piece of evidence in this ongoing criminal investigation.

Prosecutors have questioned witnesses about the recording and the document before a federal grand jury. As part of the investigation, General Mark Milley, one of the highest-ranking national security officials from the Trump era, has been questioned about the incident, signaling the significance of the recording.

Details of the July 2021 Meeting

The meeting took place at Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, in July 2021. Attendees included individuals working on the autobiography of Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, as well as other aides employed by the former president.

Notably, the individuals present did not have the necessary security clearances to access classified information. Meadows himself did not attend the meeting. The incident described in Meadows’ upcoming autobiography aligns with the same meeting discussed in the audio recording, mentioning a report on attacking Iran, although it was not produced by Milley.

Trump’s Legal Exposure and Denial of Wrongdoing

The revelation of Trump being captured on tape discussing a classified document has the potential to increase his legal exposure, particularly as he pursues his third presidential campaign. Trump has consistently denied any wrongdoing and claimed that the documents he retained were declassified after his presidency.

However, the existence of the recording challenges these assertions. A spokesperson for the Trump campaign has criticized the leaks and called the investigation a waste of taxpayer money.

Investigation Status and Potential Impact

Although the investigation led by Special Counsel Jack Smith has yet to result in any criminal charges, it is showing signs of nearing its conclusion. The revelation of the audio recording adds a significant twist to the case and could have far-reaching consequences for Trump’s political future.

With legal implications and potential fallout from this revelation, the investigation continues to unfold, shaping the narrative around Trump’s presidency and his bid for the White House.

The shocking audio recording capturing former President Donald Trump discussing a classified document about a potential attack on Iran has thrown a spotlight on his retention of classified materials after leaving the White House.

The existence of this recording, along with the ongoing investigation by Special Counsel Jack Smith, raises questions about Trump’s handling of national security secrets and his legal exposure.

As the investigation nears its end, the impact of this revelation on Trump’s political aspirations remains uncertain, but it has undoubtedly added a new dimension to the discussion surrounding his presidency and potential future endeavors.


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