14 Of The Best Super Bowl Commercials For 2021 So Far

Well, we finally know who’s playing in the Super Bowl for 2021, which means it’s time to finalize the menu for you and your family and organize that virtual watch party. And while we love some football, we’re typically most passionate about the commercials, and it turns out we know a pretty lot about those too!

Below we’ve rounded up the commercials for Super Bowl 2021 that we know so far. Just a note that we’ve included teaser trailers, as well as commercials running prior to the Super Bowl that reference the game in this roundup as well. Also, we’ll be adding more as they drop!! OK, bye have fun!!!

1. Coors Light

Instead of having a traditional Super Bowl ad, Coors Light and Coors Light Seltzer have created an ad you can “see in your dreams.” With the help of Dr. Deirdre Barrett, a leading psychologist, author and expert on dreams, Coors created a stimulus film and an eight-hour soundscape that they think will trigger you to dream up a Coors Super Bowl ad the night before the big game.

2. M&M’s


The candy brand released a teaser for its commercial, which will focus on things “gone wrong.” It will also air a preview of it on February 3 at 9:00 a.m. ET via Zoom. You can visit MMS.com/Superbowl to learn how to register.

3. Samuel Adams


Sam Adams’ commercial this year shows someone releasing Clydesdales from their harnesses, which is a not-so-subtle nod to Budweiser. The latter beer company will not have a commercial this year so this will likely be the only time we see them during the broadcast.

4. Mountain Dew

The brand teases its new Major Melon flavor in this teaser!

5. Hellmann’s


The iconic mayo brand teamed up with Amy Schumer for a Super Bowl commercial that will focus on food waste. You can watch the teaser here.

6. Chipotle

The fast-casual chain will debut its first-ever Super Bowl commercial during the second quarter of Super Bowl LV. The ad, titled “Can a Burrito Change the World?” highlights the brand’s missions including reducing carbon emissions, saving water, and supporting local growers.

7. Michelob ULTRA

Athletes like Serena Williams, Brooks Koepka, and Anthony Davis appear in this spot (along with other sports stars) to show the joy in the journey to championships, as well as having fun off the field or court.

8. Pepsi Halftime Show


Pepsi will not air an ad during the Super Bowl, but it has been teasing its Super Bowl Halftime Show with The Weeknd via this fun spot.

9. Doritos

Doritos has not unveiled its final spot yet but teased #FlatMatthew with this fun ad starring Mindy Kaling and Jimmy Kimmel.

10. Doritos

This second teaser from the company reveals that #FlatMatthew is Matthew McConaughey, though we haven’t seen him in the ad yet.

11. Cheetos


Cheetos launched its first teaser ad starring Ashton Kutcher..

12. Cheetos

…and its second stars a very dramatic performance by Mila Kunis.

13. Budweiser


Budweiser won’t be airing an ad during the Big Game this year, but it will be airing this commercial in the lead up to the Super Bowl, explaining that the money will instead go to COVID-19 vaccine awareness.

14. Mercari

The online shopping platform has a spot this year that touts all the different types of products you can buy on their online market.