150 academics write to PM in support of JEE, NEET decision

Despite the fact of a nation-wide opposition in India for the conduct of the entrance exams, 150 academicians have sent a letter to the Prime Minister and have supported the decision of conducting the JEE and NEET on the proposed dates on August 27.

The educationists stated in the letter that there should not be any sort of a compromise with the future of the youth. Though a few politicians are creating an agenda out of it, for their benefit, there should not be any postponement of the exams. There are a lot of apprehensions about the admissions and a lot of uncertainty has gathered over the careers of the students, which needs to be addressed.

The conduct of the exams will bring about clarity and save one academic year of the students from getting wasted. The signatories also said that they are confident that the exams will be conducted with the utmost protection keeping in mind the safety of the students.