2 winners and 5 losers from Week 18 in the NFL

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The NFL regular season is over and I’m left with a profound sense of ennui. The last two years own pushed by capacity for forgiveness and no longer wishing in heart-broken health on others to the absolute limit, but I’ve been stretched too thin. I could no longer ever, ever be in a location to forgive the Raiders and Chargers.

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Stars aligned in such good concert Sunday afternoon that it felt destined that we could be graced with the Kneel Down Bowl. A soccer abnormality that could own seen the Chargers and Raiders each and every build the playoffs at the expense of the Pittsburgh Steelers, in the occasion that they splendid had the courage to kneel on every play of Sunday Night Football and expend a bye week on the discipline.

This splendid was that you need to presumably factor in as a consequence of the Colts shedding to the Jaguars and the Steelers beating Baltimore — a annoying scenario to factor in taking place. So, the total focal point used to be now on the AFC West to seem at if the Chargers and Raiders had the courage to fly into historical previous. They didn’t.

The most appealing motive I desired to seem at this used to be hilarity. Having a nationally televised, top-time gamer diminished to farce would had been unprecedented. Useless air desiring to be stuffed by Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth, who would own nothing to claim as adverse to half frail anecdotes and commentary on what an affront the present is to the NFL. The protect is so profoundly starched that any semblance of fun is actively stamped out, and in the cease these two teams determined to tumble into lock step, in want to own a probability to build historical previous.

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Rather then the weirdness, there used to be a great deal of good judgment to developing this happen as effectively. I’ve seen it advised that Las Vegas’ motivation to steal used to be dodging the Chiefs, with a tie sending them to Buffalo as a replacement — but that reeks to me. If my team is aged to taking half in in Vegas, with the worst weather and they behold being in Denver, and my team is identified for an explosive offense. Properly, I’d rattling particular rather own a shootout with the Chiefs than inch to BUFFALO IN JANUARY and check the Funds’ protection.

Moreover, getting a bye week in January is most frequently reserved for doubtlessly the most efficient teams in the league. Why no longer attack the Wild Card spherical as healthy and effectively rested as you need to presumably even be in a location to be, than fresh a possibility to get tired and banged up.

Lastly, if I’m the AFC Playoffs then I essentially own great extra faith in the Chargers to expend out an elite team than the Steelers. So in case you’re making an try to build a speed, it behooves you to reveal a team with you watched you need to presumably beat, but moreover who can shock the realm in the process.

So, no longer splendid did the realm get robbed of the funniest match in NFL historical previous, but the Chargers lost out a playoff space so we are in a position to hear bloviating about Ben Roethlisberger for but any other week, and to cap all of it off, it made no analytic sense. For a league that claims to pride itself on system and intelligence, it’s great what number of listless choices are made, and paid handsomely for every single week.

I know a quantity of folk are furious at the Raiders for scuffling with the tie, but each and every teams determined on this dance. Brandon Staley all week professed how he wasn’t going to let this consequence in a arrangement, now his ass is at home with the remainder of his team.

Sorry, I’m restful bitter we didn’t get the Kneel Down Bowl. Sue me.

Loser: Brandon Staley

Congrats dude, you done yourself. All of us attain listless stuff after we’re young, but the dude’s 39 years frail and could even own identified better. All week he bought on his soccer excessive horse about being too loyal to expend the tie, then he thumbed his nose at it one day of previous regular time when he took an unnecessary outing that broke a pseudo-truce between the teams.

#Raiders QB Derek Carr talked about in his postgame interview that the #Chargers timeout changed their mindset on the final pressure.

“It positively did, obviously”

— Ari Meirov (@MySportsUpdate) January 10, 2022

There’s debate lingering whether or no longer the Raiders had been going to envision up on and steal it is rarely necessary what, but the players themselves are asserting the resolution changed their methodology. Either manner, it used to be a monumentally frightening instructing resolution that, at most efficient, ethical gave Vegas a exiguous bit extra fire in their bellies.

Winner: Lions

Haters are gonna swear this is rarely any astronomical deal since the Packers had been already a playoff lock, so they didn’t own one thing else to play for — but that’s a cop out. This is a continuation of one thing we’ve seen all season prolonged, and that’s the Lions being doubtlessly the most efficient terrible team in the NFL.

That’s cool comfort for Detroit followers, but it’s fully a compliment. There are such quite loads of teams in the NFL, all spending manner extra on their roster, and don’t own half of of the guts the Lions attain. I’ve been asserting it’s going to be their time rapidly, and beating the Packers is a hell of a building block.

Loser: Panthers followers

It’s been a daunting, frightening week in case you’re partial to the Carolina Panthers hoping Matt Rhule would be confirmed the door.

Tracy Wolfson says she asked Matt Rhule why no Cam Newton in at the goalline. Rhule told her each and every Sam Darnold and Cam Newton “can attain that” — sneak, presumably.

— Joe Person (@josephperson) January 9, 2022

Ah yes, nothing adore a man who thinks Cam Newton and Sam Darnold are in general the same guy at the aim line to inspire some self assurance.

Winner: Clowns

Jaguars followers can own to restful dress adore clowns a week IMO.

Loser: Colts

This has to be one of doubtlessly the most heartbreaking ends to a season in Colts historical previous. This team used to be utilizing a wave to the playoffs. It appeared adore nothing could also stay them with an all-world running support, and Carson Wentz finding his footing. For a whereas it didn’t notice adore the Colts would simply build the playoffs, but be a true risk in the process with the capacity to shock some teams.

Sunday used to be the fruits of a disastrous three week stretch that accomplished with Indianapolis shedding to Jacksonville, then watching the Steelers beat the Ravens to solidify there being no manner they might build the playoffs.

Now Indy will switch forward with a brutal attain to the yr, and don’t own their first spherical rob both — which now goes to Philadelphia.

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