2021 NSF PREM grants to broaden participation in cutting-edge materials research

News Release 21-010 NSF investment of $30 million will strengthen partnerships and collaboration between minority-serving educational institutions and leading research facilities July 12, 2021 Today, the U.S. National Science Foundation awarded its latest grants through PREM, Partnerships for Research and Education in Materials, to support eight collaborative research teams across the United States that will…

News Originate 21-010

NSF investment of $30 million may maybe well also help partnerships and collaboration between minority-serving instructional institutions and leading examine amenities

July 12, 2021

As we voice time, the U.S. National Science Basis awarded its latest grants thru PREM, Partnerships for Study and Training in Affords, to enhance eight collaborative examine groups all the map in which thru the United States that will expand diversity in cutting-edge materials examine, training and professions.

Each six-year award affords almost about $4,000,000—for a total NSF investment of larger than $30,000,000—and may maybe maybe simply enhance materials examine partnerships between minority-serving institutions and ravishing-scale, NSF-supported examine amenities.  

As nicely as to supporting unique discoveries, the PREM pathway affords institutional enhance to expand recruitment, retention and stage-attainment by underrepresented groups, and affords underserved communities with get dangle of admission to to materials examine and training. The awards are meant to enhance and inspire a numerous cohort of students thru graduation, the pursuit of increased training, and rewarding careers.

“A focal level on diversity of students, faculty, and companions—paired with the revitalization of below-resourced examine—is the root of PREM and has been the source of many successful outcomes,” acknowledged Debasis Majumdar, director of the NSF PREM program. “It expands national innovation capability and a noteworthy wanted, extremely expert and numerous group, propelling U.S. management in STEM fields.”

Since its originate in 2004, PREM has successfully varied examine faculty and improved the chance that underrepresented students and students from underserved communities pursued and performed a doctorate in materials examine. The initiative, anchored in examine, has produced a large series of outcomes, from unique materials for quantum devices and electronics, to live-cell imaging. PREM has expert bigger than 125 postdocs, and has helped bigger than 1,500 students graduate with a bachelor’s, grasp’s or doctoral stage – most from underrepresented minority groups.

Under are descriptions of the 2021 PREM awards.

  • NSF PREM for Imaginative and prescient of Excellence applying Navajo Traditions and Belief with Study and Training in STEM (NSF PREM VENTURES)

    Navajo Technical College (Crownpoint, Recent Mexico)NSF Affords Study Science and Engineering Center at Harvard College (Cambridge, Massachusetts)NSF PREM VENTURES will fabricate pathways for Native American students in STEM, from Okay-12 to graduate college, and take care of examine areas that are fundamental to the Navajo Nation, such as monitoring of deserted mines, agriculture, elder care, manufacturing and veterinary care. The partnership shall be co-funded by the NSF Division of Affords Study and the NSF Tribal Colleges and Universities Program.
  • NSF PREM for Fostering the Subsequent Period of Nanofiber Programs and Pupil Success 

    College of Texas Rio Grande Valley (Edinburg, Texas)  NSF Affords Study Science and Engineering Center on the College of Minnesota (Minneapolis, Minnesota) With the College of Texas Rio Grande Valley serving bigger than 31,000 students, 89% of whom are Hispanic, the NSF PREM for Fostering the Subsequent Period of Nanofiber Programs and Pupil Success will focal level on assisting retention and graduation of underrepresented minority undergraduates and extending the enrollment of Hispanic students in graduate college. The examine will focal level on constructing the next generation of nanofiber systems with drastically enhanced functionalities and exploring new functions, particularly in energy-linked fields.
  • NSF PREM for Progressed Interface Affords

    Clark Atlanta College (Atlanta, Georgia)Spelman Faculty (Atlanta, Georgia)NSF Affords Innovation Platform for the Accelerated Realization, Diagnosis, and Discovery of Interface Affords at Cornell College (Ithaca, Recent York) and Johns Hopkins College (Baltimore, Maryland)The NSF PREM for Progressed Interface Affords will focal level on the have confidence, synthesis and characterization of unique oxide-primarily based fully interface materials for the next generation of electronic, magnetoelectronic and optoelectronic devices. With Clark Atlanta College and Spelman Faculty categorized as Historically Sad Colleges and Universities, this NSF PREM will expand the necessity of undergraduate, and postgraduate (masters and doctoral) STEM degrees attained by African People. 
  • NSF PREM Southwest-Pacific Collaboration in Machine Studying Maintain, Synthesis and Functions of Metalorganic Hybrid Biomaterials

    Recent Mexico Highlands College (Las Vegas, Recent Mexico)The NSF BioPolymers, Automatic Mobile Infrastructure, Float, and Integrated Chemistry Affords Innovation Platform on the College of California, Santa Barbara and the College of California, Los AngelesThe NSF PREM Southwest-Pacific Collaboration in Machine Studying Maintain, Synthesis and Functions of Metalorganic Hybrid Biomaterials will focal level on machine studying, materials synthesis, high-throughput automatic chemistry/biosynthesis, and organic-inorganic materials functions. The partnership shall be co-funded by the NSF Division of Affords Study and the NSF Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Study program.
  • NSF PREM for Hybrid Nanoscale Programs 

    North Carolina Central College (Durham, North Carolina)Pennsylvania Explain College (College Park, Pennsylvania)The NSF PREM for Hybrid Nanoscale Programs between Penn Explain and North Carolina Central College, a traditionally Sad institution, will boost attainment of undergraduate and graduate degrees in materials-linked disciplines by females and underrepresented minority students. The partnership’s examine will focal level on hybrid subject cloth systems integrating nanostructures of quite a variety of dimensionalities or classes of materials to explore new phenomena and engineer unique functionalities. The partnership shall be co-funded by the NSF Division of Affords Study and the NSF Historically Sad Colleges and Universities Undergraduate Program.
  • NSF PREM Center for Gleaming Affords Meeting (NSF PREM CIMA)

    Texas Explain College (San Marcos, Texas) Center for Dynamics and Assist watch over of Affords, an NSF MRSEC on the College of Texas at AustinWith Texas Explain College serving almost about 38,000 students, including 39% Hispanic and 11% African American, the NSF PREM CIMA will present pathway for underrepresented minority students into developed degrees and careers in materials science. NSF PREM CIMA will habits examine in areas of reconfigurable tender materials and nanostructure alter to have confidence developed materials for biomedical, energy, electronics and environmental functions.
  •  NSF PREM for Tool Innovation thru Inclusive Study and Training

    College of Puerto Rico at HumacaoCollege of Puerto Rico at CayeyNSF Affords Study and Science and Engineering Center on the College of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)The NSF PREM for Tool Innovation thru Inclusive Study and Training will desire Hispanic, females, and Afro-Latin students from deprived backgrounds—including low-earnings students, first-generation college students, and these living in rural areas—in materials science and engineering. The examine focal level shall be payment dynamics in transition metal and carbon-primarily based fully materials, and floor-functionalized nanomaterials for sensing functions.
  • NSF PREM for Improvements in Affords, Processes, and Functions for Quantum Applied sciences (NSF PREM IMPAQT)

    Florida Global College (Miami, Florida)Penn Explain 2D Crystal Consortium (College Park, Pennsylvania)NSF PREM IMPAQT will focal level on classic and purposeful aspects of unique 2D materials and processes that will maybe even be transformative in the quantum science field. With almost 80% of its student physique fashioned of minority students, FIU, a Hispanic Serving Establishment, is uniquely positioned to recruit and educate a numerous graduate student population in materials for the prolonged escape quantum science group.


  • Physics students the usage of chemical vapor deposition.

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  • FIU student operates a Raman microscope.

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