5 people Injured in Shooting at Daytona beachside

5 people had gunshot wounds at Daytona beachside

As per the officials, on Saturday night when a large crowd did the blocking of State Road A1A, there was a gunshot and around 5 people are injured after a fight gets over in a restaurant that is there in the heart of a city.

It has been observed from the video of a helicopter that there were around 200 people are dancing, gathering, and partying in the middle of a street which is just outside the Atlantic Ave, Burger King. So, the one day of Memorial Day Weekend ended like this.

5 people Injured in Firing at Daytona beachside

Around 8:18 pm, the police deputy reported that 2 people are injured with gunshot and taken to hospital. After 6 minutes three more came. At 8:24 police reported that a fight breaking up at Winghouse, just across the Burger King. The Burger King is not so famous for these types of gathering and in person at least had been killed through guns in the past.

At the same time there were breaking up of people in large gatherings at the city mainland. After 9 pm it broke up but no one is being arrested over there, only some of the vehicles have been towed. No information has been released about the person taken in custody on Saturday night.

As per the Craig Capri, Chief of Daytona Beach police said that shooting could be related to the crowd on the Boardwalk area.

As per the rules of social distancing due to coronavirus in the Volusia Country, there could not be people more than 10 in a group on the beach and these groups should be about 6 feet apart. It is not happening around an incident on the beachside. Capri said that they had not made any arrest as there was a large crowd.

When they starting leaving from the beach, then the parties started in the mainland areas of Mason Avenue, Kingston and Washington Street, and Mary McLeod Bethune Boulevard. As per Capri, when people are asked to leave, they went off.

Written by Neha Garg