A Google translator will soon translate your doctor’s terrible handwriting

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Google is making an AI model that can figure out how to read hard-to-read handwriting, with a focus on doctors’ notes and prescriptions. On Monday, the search giant announced at its annual conference in India that it was working with pharmacists on an AI-powered machine learning model that can read sloppy medical notes.

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During the event, Google showed off the feature and showed how it could find specific medicines in a handwritten prescription. There is no information yet about when the new text-deciphering feature will come out or what kind of product it might be in.

Google announced today that it has made a state-of-the-art AI and machine learning model that can find medicines in handwritten prescriptions and even highlight them. This will help people in the loop, like pharmacists, digitise handwritten medical documents. However, no decision will be made based only on what this technology says.

Even though this system is still being made, they are excited to share more information about how it will be used.

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Google Lens, an AI-powered tool for recognising objects that can be used to find things like products, plants, and animal species as well as translate languages, has already shown them how similar technology can be used. You can already use the Google Lens app to digitally transcribe handwritten notes, but in their tests, this feature depended on how readable the handwriting is.

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