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A Ugandan woman, aged 40, gave birth to 44 children from a single man: her story


A 40 years old African woman, Mariam Nabatanzi and a mother of 44 children went viral on the internet. Her older husband left the family and she alone struggles to feed her children.

A Ugandan woman namely Mariam Nabatanzi went viral and ablaze the internet for giving birth to 44 children at the age of 40 all from one man.

The woman is a resident of Uganda, East Africa and is known popularly among people as Mama Uganda, the most fertile woman on earth.

This Ugandan women gave birth to 16 girls and 22 boys of which the last childbirth was in December in the year 2016. The mother of 44 children is a single parent who takes care of her children alone as her husband left his children and wife after running away hastily with all their money.

A Ugandan woman, aged 40, gave birth to 44 children from a single man: her story 2

It is noteworthy that the woman delivered to such a huge number of kids without undergoing any special medical treatment. Mama Uganda had revealed that doctors told her that she has the capacity to give birth to too many children for being too fertile and if giving birth is stopped her body might cause issues.

Mama Uganda got married at the age very young age of 12 as arranged by her parents and then delivered the first child when she was 13. Something very interesting is that only once she delivered one child and then she had delivered twins (4 times), triplets (5 times) and quadruplets (5 times).

In a video of Mama Uganda and her place shared to the internet by Explorer Joe Hattab on his Facebook account, she stated that her husband disappeared with the money. It is sad that the single mother is now left with 38 children among the 44 she delivered as six of them are dead.

Mariam works day and night as she is an event decorator and a hairstyler by profession who makes different herbal medicine. She is often supported with funds from fundraising and other donations and does everything she can do to feed her kids.