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Ainsley Earhardt and Sean Hannity who are President Allies and Prime Time Host of Fox News are reportedly Dating

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The topmost personalities profile who is from the right-wing of Fox News prime time host Fox & Friends Ainsley Earhardt, and Sean Hannity are dating each other. They are the important boosters for President Donald Trump as well as Hannity. They act as the informal adviser for President. Earhardt has recently been making a film for things she does in the morning from Long Island home of Hannity’s.

Earhardt who is 43 years had denied for this and said that she is not at all dating anyone. But when Hannity who is 58 years had refused to give any comment on it. He said that he does not want to discuss anything about his personal life in the public.

Ainsley Earhardt and Sean Hannity who are President Trump allies and primetime host of Fox News are reportedly dating
Image Credits- Daily Mail

Earhardt had said that she is now concentrating on raising her daughter. She also said that Sean is a very nice person which anyone from Fox News will say. To whomsoever, he dates will be the most fortunate in this.

As per page six recently Hannity and his ex-wife had got divorced, they are having 2 children of college-age. While Earhardt had spilled with her ex-husband, Will Proctor in the year 2018 and has 4 years old daughter.

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