Amazon is Letting Customers Pay for Groceries by Scanning Their Palm at its Go Convenience Stores


The retail giant is testing its new contactless Amazon One Payment method at two of its Seattle convenience stores. The company announced that customers would be able to make payments just by waving their hands in front of a scanner on Tuesday.

The e-commerce giant provides the service in which the palm print of the customers will get connected to a credit card and allows signing up with both the hands, providing the customers to use whichever hand is free at the time of payment.

The company is hopeful of expanding the tech to its other stores, too, as the trial grows. The palm print can even be used to open the entry gates at the two convenience stores, where it usually opens up with a code. Amazon One will be used as identification cards at offices and sports stadiums.

The process is very simple- the customers need to go to the store, enter their credit card details and phone number in a device, and scan their palm on a biometric reader. The scan will then connect to their Amazon One ID.