Amazon’s CEO says there will be more layoffs in 2023

In early 2023, Amazon will cut jobs again, CEO Andy Jassy told employees in a memo on Thursday. The company publicly confirmed some layoffs on Wednesday, and Jassy says as Amazon’s annual planning process stretches into the new year, “there will be more job cuts as leaders continue to make adjustments.”

Jassy says the company hasn’t determined exactly how many additional features will be dropped, but did state that there are “reductions in our stores and [People, Experience, and Technology] organizations.” Amazon will announce early next year who will be affected by the future cuts.

In Wednesday’s notice, Devices and Services SVP Dave Limp said some staffers in the organization were laid off, and Jassy said Thursday the company has expanded voluntary buyouts to a portion of its HR organization, prompting the reporting of Vox. Voxs article highlights how layoffs were communicated internally before top executives shared information publicly, and based on Jassy’s note, it appears that this approach will continue.

“As was the case this week, we will prioritize direct communication with affected employees before making any broad public or internal announcements,” Jassy wrote. The company will try internally to find jobs for affected people, and if that fails, workers will be offered severance pay, Jassy said.

The New York Times reported Monday that Amazon planned to lay off about 10,000 employees. Jassy’s memo did not specify how many people will be affected or how many have already been. Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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