Amazon’s latest Echo Show update adds more live video news providers

Amazon has announced some minor quality of life improvements for several Alexa devices. The Echo Show range of smart screens is getting more live video news content in the US and an easier way to navigate news channels. Meanwhile, Alexa mobile devices also gain the ability to share your ETA while using their navigation features.

The new providers of live video content for Echo Show owners in the US are People TV, ET Live and Bloomberg TV Plus. Amazon says more is on the way soon. These new channels, as well as the Echo Show’s existing library of live video and on-demand audio news channels, are now accessible through a new list of providers displayed at the bottom of the screen.

In addition to manual selection, compatible Echo Show devices can also personalize the news they show you by listening to your voice with Voice ID or your appearance with Visual ID. Visual ID launched alongside the Echo Show 15. The feature is also available on the Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) and Echo Show 8 (2nd generation).

If you’re the kind of person who uses Alexa for navigation on devices like the Echo Auto, Echo Buds, Echo Frames, or a car with Alexa built in, the new ETA sharing feature could be a useful addition. Amazon says that if you ask Alexa to “share my ETA home,” your predicted arrival time will be announced on your other Alexa-enabled devices such as smart speakers. If your Alexa mobile device is paired with an Android smartphone, you can also send an ETA via SMS by saying “Alexa, share my ETA with X,” where “X” is the name of one of your contacts. Alexa’s navigation feature is based on the default navigation app on your paired smartphone, according to Amazon’s support page.