Amber Portwood SPLITS from Boyfriend Dimitri, calls Belgian Lover “Very Possessive and Jealous”

Amber Portwood is single once again and guys around the world are probably hoping she doesn’t want to mingle. She has a history of ugly break-ups and abuse which were emotional mostly but physical too once. In the Tuesday night season, on the premiere of Teen Mom OG, she spoke about the challenge she was facing with Dimitri, her Belgian boyfriend when they were continents apart.

She was very troubled that Dimitri was calling her nonstop during the pandemic, when she spoke to MTV producer, Townsend. When asked why it was scary, she said that earlier she had been in very controlling relationships and as he was possessive from distance itself, it scared him. He would like to know her all-day schedule and as just said by her, Dimitri called her up, who landed his base from his home country, and asked Amber what was she doing.

She replied nothing and she is outside. Then she said that Dimitri was getting a total creep and called up Amber frequently just to say “I think of you, I love you and I miss you a lot.” She said that it might sound sweet but there are times when it gets too much and said that it was turning into a very possessive situation and an unhealthy one.

She said that being questioned by someone all the time is not needed by her, whatsoever when she is dating. It is noteworthy that all these Teen Mom OG episodes were filmed many months ago. It was reported in July that she had parted ways with Dimitri.

She had said that she was feeling “good for now” in the wake of the break-up and there were no worries on her end. She broke the news when the MTV personality reunited virtually with her castmates.

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