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Apple has condemned the suspension of H-1B visas feels that it can only do more harm to the American economy and in turn will affect the US workers too. So the tech company has decided to shake hands with a list of many other tech companies. Many leading businesses have also opposed the step taken by the president to curb the L-1 visas and H-1B visas. 

Therefore a list of some 52 tech companies has filed an amicus brief at the US District Court in the Northern District of California as a formal opposition of the executive order made by the president in June.

The brief claimed that suspending the foreign work visas will crush the innovation and thereby affect the growth of the American workers and businesses in an irreparable way. It also stated that the order was signed without much evidence proving beneficial to the economy.

There are false assumptions that such a curb will protect the local workers. Tim Cook has stated that he is deeply unsatisfied with such an order which will hinder the prosperity of the citizens and the immigrants, who have also felt welcome to this land of diverse opportunities and dreams.

The brief also includes the observations made by Brad Smith, Sundar Pichai, and Dan Schulman, the chiefs of Microsoft, Google, and PayPal respectively.

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